Mueller’s Probe Is Financially Devastating Trump’s Allies


The Party of No is obstructing Trump’s nominees. It’s well over a year since the election and Trump doesn’t even have his staff. The ones who do get appointed are tormented, reviled, and have their reputations ruined. Along those lines, Deep State is using the fraudulent Russia probe to drown Trump’s allies in legal fees.

According to CNBC:
  • Former Trump campaign advisor Michael Caputo said he expects to pay about $25,000 per hearing as part of the congressional inquiries into Russian election meddling.
  • He said a conservative estimate of his total legal costs would be around $125,000 — though that figure could rise if he is called before special counsel Mueller’s grand jury.
  • Roger Stone, Trump’s longtime confidant, and surrogate told CNBC that his mounting legal fees already add up to more than half a million dollars.
Pay or Bring Your Toothbrush to Court

Michael Caputo said, “If you don’t go into a congressional hearing thoroughly prepared, then you should bring a toothbrush, because you’re going to be there a while,” Caputo said in a phone interview.

Much of the cost is due to duplicating required documents for investigators.

“If I have 800 emails where I mention Trump and Russia in the same email, figuring out which ones are of interest to an investigator is above my pay grade” to sift through alone, Caputo said.

Jackie Spier accused him of being “Putin’s image consultant”. He called her a liar and is suing her, but now he’s in Mueller’s crosshairs. Just being mentioned is enough to send you on the route to bankruptcy. The government has an unlimited budget.

Roger Stone, Trump’s longtime confidant, and surrogate told CNBC that his mounting legal fees already add up to more than half a million dollars.

“To date, my legal costs all pertain to the House Intelligence Inquiry, the Senate Intelligence, and Judiciary Inquiries and defending against the harassment lawsuit filed by Project Democracy again me and the Trump campaign,” Stone told CNBC in an email.

His fees are projected to double to $1 million, he said, in light of a sweeping new lawsuit filed last week by the Democratic National Committee.

Wikileaks and Donald Trump Jr., among nearly a dozen others, are also named in the mindless lawsuit.

Michael Flynn’s son said it’s the reason his father pleaded guilty. It is a well-known fact that General Flynn is bankrupt and is losing his home.

This is what happens to everyone who is being called to testify. Michael Cohen’s bills will far exceed that. The taxpayers are on the hook too for probably hundreds of millions of dollars before this is over.


  1. In my opinion Grassley is TOO damn senile to head a committee after approving a measure to “protect” Mueller. Does Grassley want protection for illegal activity by Mueller. We’ve already seen suspect procedures done with the Flynn case. What other tactics that have yet to be uncovered.

  2. Awful job, Sessions. Sessions could stop this in an instant. Sessions planned this from the start.

    Ryan and McConnell could easily stop this by withdrawing funding and launching aggressive investigations. Instead, Ryan opposed efforts for contempt and impeachment votes.

  3. President Trump needs to put an end to the Mueller witch hunt. He needs to tell Mueller that he needs to find what he’s going to find within 90 days. Then, he will be shut down.

  4. financially ruining Trump allies was one of the goals of the traitorous anti american democrats

    if they can not impeach Trump they will hurt him some other way

    when schummer said 6 ways to sunday that is what he meant

    democrats will never stop

    never ever

    they are pure evil

    and if all fails, they will try to assassinate Trump

    I am 99.9% sure of that, have been sure for a very long time

    those people are involved in weird sex cults ( NXIVM is only the tip of the iceberg…and pizzagate is definitely real ) they are capable of anything

    democrats are evil in every sense of the word

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