My Home Is Texas



My Home Is Texas

by David S. Kelley

This month marks the one-year anniversary of our moving to Texas. This has become a significant moment in my life.

Different from my soulmate finding me. It’s different from watching our children grow from the moment of conception. Different from my experiences in the military, business, philanthropy, and politics. Yet, just as important.

I always felt that home was where I laid my head at night. It did not matter where I was or what I was doing. Home is where I was at that moment in time on earth. Even more so when my wife is beside me.

I consider myself a seeker, a conservative, independent thinker, and a man of principles guided and humbled by Providence. Character built within my DNA by the airmen and soldiers I served with, truth within my heart, and a light of hope within my eyes, that can be recognized by my fellow man. I am extremely intolerant of patience (because I have none), the injustice and corruption of all of America’s institutions, and the mentally handicapped democratic progressive socialist mindset.

Where is the story leading me, you may be asking by now?

For those individuals, man or woman, whose belief is in the same vein of self-determination and liberty as our Forefathers, who dreamed and died for America’s future generations, the spirit of the great state of Texas should be your home, too. Wherever you currently live.

Texans say what they mean and mean what they say. We kneel to God almighty, and stand and salute the flag of the United States of America and the flag of Texas. We hold firm in our belief in two genders, marriage between a man and a woman (as defined by God), right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – and then go work for it.

If this resonates with you, look at the Republican Party of Texas Platform & Resolutions for in-depth detail of where we stand, on everything. I believe it will lead the nation on returning our government back to the consent of We The People.

With southern hospitality (or not) Texans are leading the way to the American dream that is here, right now, for all American citizens and the legal immigrants who want to be a part of the American way of life as defined by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Nothing less is acceptable and Texans will accept nothing less. And that completes me.

That is why Texas is my home.


David S. Kelley, Chair & State Delegate, Newton County Precinct 11 (Deweyville), Republican Party of Texas

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8 months ago

In planning for retirement, 2 Years Ago, I bought a mini-ranch in Mississippi. People ask me, why Mississippi? Mississippi is said to be the poorest State in the Nation, but its also the most cost effective to live in. Mississippi has very little regulations and taxes since it’s mostly rural. Partly because of a low cost of living and low regulations, Mississippi has the lowest Homeless Population in the Nation. A State where people have a roof over their head isn’t in reality a poor State. People with a roof over their head and food on the table tend to be happy.

Consider that Mississippi has the largest Black population in America and is a solid Red State. It is not a Republican State, it is an America First State. Democrats here are Conservative Blue Dog Democrats who tend to vote Republican because Nationally Democrats are Batshit Crazy. People in Mississippi, outside of the few Liberal Cities are very Religious, Independent, and Freedom Loving. There’s something magic about owning acreage and not being stacked like fire wood in a high density apartment complex. In the 2 years I’ve been here, there has never been a traffic jam. Sitting on the Porch in the Afternoon, and watching the neighbor’s 50 head of cattle grazing while waiting for the sun set is just realizing. Then there is the fresh air. The relaxed life has me almost off of HBP Meds. Cities make people insane tyrants.

There’s a reason that sane people are moving to Red States. They want to get away from Godless Communist Globalist Democrat Liberal Losers who really are certifiably insane. A little known secret in America is that money doesn’t automatically make you happy. In much of the Rural South, you can actually live a comfortable retirement on just Social Security if you plan for it. I know a few retirees living comfortably on just $20,000 a year. It’s amazing how comfortably you can live grazing a cow or two, with a victory garden, a few fruit trees, a chicken coop, and an old pickup truck. If you have a pension and a 401K; life can be grand!

8 months ago

I’m a native Texan who moved back home two years ago. Very encouraged to find the TexIt bunch.

Suffering in Seattle
Suffering in Seattle
8 months ago

We’re thinking of heading for Texas. A lot of us look to states like Texas and Florida for normalcy.

Sean Dowling
Sean Dowling
8 months ago

This article is utter garbage, devoid of facts. Good God.

~Capt Dowling