Nasty Reporting at Channel 9 in Canada


The news reporting from Canada’s channel 9 is not trustworthy if they don’t have fair and objective reporters. It appears they don’t.

A nasty crime reporter Lana Murphy and the Nine network yesterday apologized for the image posted to her Instagram account from a pro-choice demonstration in Melbourne where she was assigned to report on the event. The rally was in response to the US Supreme Court’s recent decision on “Roe v. Wade”, Rebel News reports.

In the photo, both she and the cameraman thought it was hilarious. Then she thought so well of it that she posted it on Instagram.

There were calls for her firing but the network didn’t. The apology is all they offer to the offended public.

If that was a picture of Trudeau and it said his mother should have aborted him, would this have turned out differently?

The picture showed Murphy and a cameraman gleefully grinning as a protester handed her a sign that read: “Mary (The Virgin) should’ve had an abortion.”

The nasty social media post was shared on Twitter by Catholic writer Joel Agius who branded it as a ‘disgusting message of Christian hate’ while others pointed out the importance of Mary as a religious figure in other faiths.

This is silly:


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