NATO Plan: 300K Troops Near Russia’s Border Within a Month


According to Politico, NATO officials (that means the US mostly) have a new two-tier ‘defense’ plan which would mean putting weapons and 300K NATO troops on the eastern border within a month. They want the EU to send troops, but “…there is a risk that not all NATO allies will live up to their promises to contribute to the alliance’s new plans.”

The US would likely send most of the troops if past is prologue.

Be sure to draft Lindsey Graham and Joe Biden for the Infantry.

Politico reports:

“That could run into NATO’s aspirations. Military leaders this spring will submit updated regional defense plans intended to help redefine how the alliance protects its 1 billion citizens.

“The numbers will be large, with officials floating the idea of up to 300,000 NATO forces needed to help make the new model work. That means lots of coordinating and cajoling.”

When Biden says he is with Ukraine to the end, he means the END.

“I think you need forces to counter a realistic Russia,” said one senior NATO military official, underscoring the need for significantly “more troops” and especially more forces at “readiness,” writes Politico.

They are talking about 100,000 soldiers within ten days from Poland, Norway, and the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on the border of Belarus, Russia’s ally, and Russia). They are talking about putting them close to Russia when they say eastern flank. That’s the first tier of the plan. That’s according to Heinrich Brauss, a former NATO assistant secretary general for defense policy and force planning.

Who gave NATO permission to do this? Where is Congress? Russia says the entire West is at war with them, and they see this as an existential threat. The US has also suggested they want regime change in Russia and China. Is the draft in our future?
300K IN 30 DAYS

A second tier of troops would then back up those soldiers. They would be ready to deploy from countries like Germany in 10 to 30 days. That would be the remainder of the 300K troops.

They need lots and lots of money (That also comes mainly from the US), and they want troops, planes, ships, and tanks on the eastern flank.

The Book of Revelations is starting to look all too real.

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