Nauseatingly Arrogant Letter of Fakery by Alejandro


Mayorkas seems like he has a problem with narcissism. His arrogant, defiant comments about the reality of the destruction of this country suggest he is doing exactly what he wants to do with the expected outcomes.

“I will defer a discussion of [the] Constitutionality of your current effort to the many respected scholars and experts across the political spectrum who already have opined it is contrary to [the] law. What I will not defer to others is a response to the politically motivated accusations and personal attacks you have made against me,” Mayorkas wrote in his stupefyingly obnoxious letter.

In December alone, over 371,000 anonymous illegal aliens came into the country – all or almost all were released. That’s 2/3rds of the population of Wyoming in one month, not counting the gotaways, the people using apps, and those who fly in.

We don’t know who these people are, but we know many are arrogant, entitled, and hate us.

Washington, D.C. (February 3, 2021) Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas records a video message to DHS employees.
Mayorkas handles the attacks by lying.

“This administration has removed, returned, or expelled more migrants in three years than the prior administration did in four years.

“Since May 1, 2023, DHS has removed or returned more than 500,000 individuals, the vast majority of whom crossed the Southwest Border.

“Total removals and returns since mid-May 2023 exceed removals and returns in every full fiscal year since 2015.”

Border Patrol said 80% stay without vetting. We believe Border Patrol here at the Sentinel. If they weren’t telling the truth, how did ten million get to settle anonymously in the USA?

As usual, he went on about his communist-bred Cuban parents.

“My parents experienced such loss at the fisted hands of authoritarianism that the American law enforcement officer stood as a tangible symbol of safety and the rule of law in our new home.

“When I was a boy, my mother would have me jump out of the back seat of our family’s station wagon, approach a police officer in uniform, extend my hand, and say thank you.

“It was because of everything America meant and gave to my family that I was motivated to enter public service.”

If that’s true, his parents screwed up.

But he’s really proud of the terrible, awful, bad border bill.

I have been privileged to join a bipartisan group of United States Senators these past “several months to provide technical and operational expertise in support of their efforts to strengthen our country’s border security. These efforts would yield significant new enforcement tools and make a substantial difference at our border.”

It was bipartisan with misguided Republicans. They are the worst of the GOP. They need to go.

In conclusion, Mayorkas is a despicable, lying narcissist who, in another set of circumstances, could have been a serial killer. He’s not stupid or ill-educated, yet he’s allowing the nation to be destroyed, children and drugs to be trafficked, people abused by the cartels and dying to get here, and he can’t tell the truth.

Public service to him is transforming the country into a Marxist nation of impoverished and criminal people.



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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
24 days ago

He is an incredible betrayer of the USA and of freedom. His brazen behavior would quickly go away if there were real men and patriots in DC instead of cowards.

Mayorkas is from a wealthy Jewish family in Havana, Cuba. They fled to the USA in 1960 to escape communism and to keep their wealth. His privileged childhood was in Beverly Hills. After the great benefits to his life from freedom, he chooses to invade the USA. He is an ultimate ingrate.

I think of him as a spoiled brat raised in leftist teachings to oppose our USA. There are lots of them now, but younger.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
25 days ago

of course since about 5 times more are crossing the border, the number that are expelled is also higher.

but that is sophism, using some truths to tell a lie

a fallacy to intentionally deceive.

what matters is the percentage of the invaders that are sent back, is it 1% , 10% 50%?

and the total number that do cross the border illegally

the number of those expelled means nothing if presented outside of that context

Mayorkas reminds me of Ted Bundy, I am not saying he is a murderer, I mean that machiavellian diabolical pleasure ( he has an almost permanent smirk ) he gets in lying about the diabolic evil things he does, is typical of such psychopaths.

if we could see Mayorkas soul it would be very very dark, so dark it would suck the light out of the room

Rosemary Marshall
Rosemary Marshall
25 days ago

Seems to me there’s something amiss in his math — if “his” administration sent more than 500,000 illegals home in a nine-month period, it would of course mean that they sent more than, say, President Trump, who never had half a million to start with. Before you can kick the illegals out, you would have to let them in. Duh.