Navarro discusses unnerving plan that will crush middle class America


Peter Navarro is one of a handful of close advisors on trade and President Trump’s America First economic policy.  Other advisors include Wilbur Ross, Robert Lighthizer, Steven Mnuchin, Peter Navarro, and Larry Kudlow.

In an episode of American Thought Leaders, Jan Jekielek sits down with Peter Navarro, Assistant to President Trump and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.

The topic is mostly about the U.S-China conflict. Keep in mind that Joe Biden is compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. He is also unfit.

Both the Democrat Party and the CCP have the same goal, to defeat Donald Trump, and, as a result, Democrats and their media will not condemn China for killing over 200,000 Americans.

Navarro goes through other useful idiots besides the Bidens. He also believes Biden won’t last more than a year, and Kamala Harris will be president — the CCP’s and far-left Dems’ dream candidate.

This is alarming, given the national security threat.

It’s a must-watch:



  1. Crushing the bourgeoisie is a feature and not a bug to the comrades. Counter revolutions arise from this class.
    Property is theft to the true believers and to them human nature doesn’t exist.
    There will always be people who want more and don’t want some redistribution commune.
    There will always be people who game any system to obtain more for them and less for others.
    It is known as human nature.

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