NBC Paid Out to Staffer Who Accused Chris Matthews of Sexual Harassment


The Daily Caller is reporting that NBC News paid out “severance” to a staffer who accused Chris Matthews of sexual harassment in 1999.

We don’t know the merits of her claim but we do know the left has weaponized sex the same way they weaponized race and they are willing to sacrifice their own to get to the Republicans.

What’s more, there is no due process or statute of limitations. Even a three-year old Donald Trump Jr. is guilty of being abusive to a woman. It seems he called his teacher a name. This is the insanity we are now told we have to accept.

As assistant producer accused Matthews of making inappropriate sexual comments about her while in the company of others. The sources say the company settled with the woman for $40,000.

The network said it was “significantly” less than $40,000 and it was called “severance”. They admitted they “formally reprimanded” Matthews”.

NBC just had to let Mark Halperin and Matt Lauer go for sexual harassment allegations.

Is this sexual harassment by Matthews?

Matthews is foolish and deserves some grief but more for comments like this one: the “worst thing you can say about Democrats is they’re too pure.” Neither party is pure but the problem with Democrats is they’re full on with Communism and Socialism and they will do anything to make it the ideology of the United States.

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