NBC Spent $70 Million Trying to Make You Watch Megyn Kelly


Megyn Kelly, disliked by both right and left, averages 2.4 million viewers an episode on primetime broadcast media. That is down 18 percent from last season. It’s down 28 percent in the key demo.

More and more NBC TV affiliates are complaining about being forced to carry the low-rated Megyn Kelly disaster.

She’s Bringing Down Her Colleagues

She is doing so poorly that she is bringing down the show that follows hers. The fourth hour of Today with the popular Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb is down 6 percent overall and 19 percent in the key demo because of her bomb of a show.

NBC is spending $30 million a year on the bomb and they spent $10 million building her studio.

It doesn’t stop there. Kelly signed a three-year contract worth $69 million, more than twice the combined salary of previous, more successful third-hour hosts Al Roker and Tamron Hall.

The problem is she doesn’t have an audience. She alienated her right-leaning fans and the left-wing won’t accept her.

The Wall Street Journal report that NBC thought she would bring star power and broaden their audience. Unfortunately, to get the job, she torched Donald Trump every night and then went on a book tour burning her former colleagues at Fox News. It turned off her followers.

Megyn’s Show Is A Baby


Mrs. Kelly’s excuse is that her program is a baby. “Our show is a baby,” she said.

“I need to introduce myself to people who don’t know me or know some bastardized version of me that they’ve gotten from a website or a TV show,” Ms. Kelly said in an interview. “There are definitely some who only know me through some caricature they learned about on ‘The Daily Show.’ ”

Some of NBC’s affiliate TV stations are unhappy with the drop in viewers, and staffers on other NBC News shows have been grumbling about Ms. Kelly’s pricey budget. Hollywood publicists steered their A-list clients away from her because she irritated Hanoi Jane.

According to the Wall Street Journal, insiders at NBC are not thrilled with Kelly’s massive show budget.

Kelly’s poor ratings are a blight for NBC which relies on “Today” as its “main profit center.”

Megyn burned her bridges to the right and she really couldn’t afford to do it as we can see from the ratings. The left is too hardened against anyone on the right and they’ve been fed a pack of lies about her being a racist. They are mistaken. She really is more likely left-leaning and sincerely wanted to be a softer version of herself.

The buzz is she is hard to watch. I watched about 15 minutes of her show one day but it was too painful to watch.

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