NC schools teach hate against whites and our society, tell kids to ignore parents


Some of our youngest children are taught by teachers who hate our society and want to pass that hate on to them.

It’s happening in Wake County, North Carolina.

According to City Journal, more than 200 North Carolina teachers attended a racist conference. The Wake County public schools have launched a campaign entitled “whiteness in educational spaces.”

As part of the campaign, children are told to ignore parental concerns. “Parents,” according to the teachers, “should be considered an impediment to social justice,”  Christopher Rufo reports at City Journal.

Some of the schools are forming “equity teams” that are pushing a concept called “anti-racism.” It is actually racism against whites.

Teachers are instructed in the evil of so-called white “cultural values,” including denial, fear, blame, control, punishment, and one-dimensional thinking.

This is falsely portrayed as only a white issue with none of the positives in the culture.

In one teaching session, teachers were told that “whiteness perpetuates the (American) system of injustice.” Therefore, teachers should challenge the dominant ideology of whiteness and actually disrupt white culture in the classroom.

This very racist, anti-American ideology is taught in schools throughout the nation.

The race hustlers who peddle this evil propaganda advised teachers to disrupt any parent who might object have his or her child brain-washed.

“You can’t let parents deter you from the work,” City Journal quotes an instructor.  “White children are benefiting from the system.”

These despicable hateful people are telling these little children to judge people by the color of their skin. The children are taught to hate white people and organize radical far-left movements.

They have all the bases covered because if you confront them or dispute what they are saying, you will be labeled racist and they will cancel you.

This vicious ideology of the evil of whiteness is taught in K-12 schools and colleges.

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