Prosecutor who tried to frame 6 officers is under investigation with her kook husband


Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby prosecuted the “Baltimore Six” in 2015. She charged six innocent police officers in the death of Freddie Gray without cause.

As Baltimore burned in a Black Lives Matter-induced fire, Mosby attempted to frame the six police officers for the death of Gray.

Her case collapsed but the officers were fired anyway, without cause.

She also refused to prosecute real criminals, and crime just keeps rising. She’s a racist who likes to blame white men for her failures.

The media is reporting that Marilyn Mosby and her husband, Nick Mosby, the Baltimore city counsel president, are facing a federal indictment as a grand jury is hearing evidence about the couple using campaign funds to pay for their personal expenses.

Her husband is a kook.

The AME church network is also under investigation.

Maybe there is justice after all.

The couple’s bank statements, tax returns, canceled checks, and credit card statements dating all the way back to 2014 have are all being sought for review by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice, Yahoo reports.

A federal grand jury subpoena was also issued to Union Baptist Church as well as the pastor of Bethel AME, Rev. Patrick Clayborn, to investigate whether or not Nick Mosby made financial contributions to the churches.

Much of the attention of this investigation stems from Marilyn Mosby, who’s in her second term as state’s attorney, and overseas travels she took to criminal justice conferences, as well as private travel businesses.



  1. She just needs some room to destroy.
    Is there anything left of the glorious peoples republic of Balitless or did the comrades render it unified? (snicker)

  2. I don’t understand these people you would think they would want to do an extra good job and show up the crackers that had been running the place but she and he both have turned out to be more crooked than anyone before them and thats saying something for that town.You see this happen time after time and that is a fact.uess power really does corrupt.

  3. When a Prosecutor is convicted of malicious Prosecution, they should serve the maximum time for the crime they accused the obviously innocent person of. If the crime carried the death penalty, then so be it.

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