Neo-fascism comes to the USA


Americans are now witnessing neo-fascism in America under the guise of socialism. In nine days, you will see the uniting of private entities of the Left and government. Together they will control all facets of communication, the economy, education, and what we are allowed to see and hear.

It will be the most powerful force in the world.

The state cannot control media per se, but they will do it through their power over Big Tech and media and the other pillars of society.

Before nations are taken over by statists, they promote all extremes of free speech. They do it so they won’t be banned. When they have enough power, they ban free speech. People might want to keep this in mind. We currently have a situation where social medial bans the President of the United States, claiming he is dangerous, while allowing free reign to Chinese Communists, Iran, American communists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other terrorist organizations.

Democrats are not interested in a free market, free speech, or freedom for the individual. They are collectivists. The collective will manipulate the rest of us and we must comply.


Massive private entities have exerted monopoly power and consolidated various industries, including the news industries while buying both Republicans and Democrats to pass legislation and treaties that export jobs and increase the transfer of wealth from the middle class to those at the top. The political class has sold out their constituents.

This is the natural course of events when anti-trust laws are not enforced and when a small handful of people control all the wealth and power. It is the way of the world and we are succumbing.

Democrats have become the party of Neo-Fascism. At the same time, they successfully portray their opponents as Fascists.

BLM and Antifa are like their Nazi brownshirts. The January 6th riot is their Reichstag fire.

While crushing small business, using the COV as an excuse, while allowing Walmarts and other big stores to operate, appears to have a purpose. Without small business, we don’t have capitalism and we don’t have a middle class.

Lie after lie, oppression, and fear, all from Democrats and compliant Republicans, yet Americans do not see.

The Middle Class, religion, individual freedom cannot survive in their world and they will destroy every bit of it. Capitalism, which has helped the greatest number of people out of poverty in all of history is their enemy. They want power and control
Here’s a brief lesson:

Much of what I wrote here came from denull, who phrased it better than I did.

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1 year ago

Exactly. Neo-Fascism came out of WWII with the Italian Social Movement. Basically a refined version of
Fascism. Their goal was one Euro-nation state acting as defenders of a Western civilization from the rise of both communism and the Third World. To reuse it here is just plain confusing and displays a lack of knowledge of 20th century history.

Larry Olsen
2 years ago

Neo-Fascism? What the heck is that? Some new term you just invented? We are experiencing a Communist takeover. The Fascists are the enemy of the Communists. Where did you learn your history?

Eric the Constitutionalist
Eric the Constitutionalist
2 years ago

Hey guys, I’ve been here for four months but I still haven’t got any friends here yet. I’d like to make friends with all of you and hopefully maybe someday we can meet up offline to have a picnic party or something. I am 33% Caucasian White 18% Native American 1% African and 48% Asian and I’m a thrid generation migrant. People of my kind are mostly liberals because,well,minorities,especially muslims,even mere cultural muslims like my parents that differ from Christians only in not eating pork, are hardly conservatives,but I’m more conservative than the reddest rednecks.I am not a very religious person and I consider myself to be an Agnotist. Once upon a time I even decided to become a Christian but eventually gave up that idea because I didn’t want to make my parents upset.I’m a conservative guy because the United States of America is my country, because I believe in the ideals of the Founding Fathers and because I love this country more than anything.Sometimes I might’ve said some radical stuff and if that did harm to the platform I apologize to you. I said those things because I’m a believer of full freedom of speech and what’s more is that I’m deeply saddened by what has been happening to this country.I’m a newcomer comparing to some of the old guys here so I hope this comment can help you guys here on the independent sentinel website to know me better and perhaps we can become great friends someday.

Eric the Constitutionalist
Eric the Constitutionalist
2 years ago

Agnostic,sorry that I didn’t spell that word correctly

Eric the Constitutionalist
Eric the Constitutionalist
2 years ago

How many millions of people in the USA are they going to starve to death this time?

Eric the Constitutionalist
Eric the Constitutionalist
2 years ago

During Stalin’s Great Famine 3 million people died in Kazakhstan. That’s when my ancestors moved to the US .