Never Nikki’s Big Michigan Loss Is Today! Update: Obliteration!


Update: In another humiliation for Haley, with 94% of the vote in, Donald Trump has walked away with 68.2% and a total vote of 755,909, and Nikki Haley won 26.5% and a total vote of 100,960. The race was called early, within minutes.

Haley might be going for the No Labels Party candidacy. A Democrat runs the No Labels Party generally to hurt Republicans.

Biden has 81.1% of Democrats with total votes of 617,728.

Haley has sabotaged the Trump election and the GOP voter rolls, and she is a possible third-party candidate for the No Labels party (see video below).  She is the Liz Chaney of candidates who knows she can’t win but wants to destroy the GOP ticket.

Haley’s campaign mailed ballots to Democrats and implored them to switch in open primary states. She’s not trying to win with Conservatives.

Original Story Posted at 12:20 pm

According to the AP, about 40% of Nikki Haley’s supporters voted for her in the South Carolina primary because they opposed Donald Trump. Considering they voted for Biden in the last election, it’s safe to assume they are Democrats.

Roughly three-quarters of her supporters say Biden was legitimately elected president in 2020, and about four in ten voted for Biden in that election. About six in ten Republican primary voters say they believe Biden was not legitimately elected.

About six in ten South Carolina voters consider themselves supporters of the “Make America Great Again” movement, a Trump slogan that helped catapult him to the White House in 2016. About nine in ten Trump voters said they were driven by their support for him, not by objections to his opponent. Haley’s voters were much more divided: About half were motivated by supporting her, but nearly as many turned out to oppose Trump.

In summation, the Haley voters don’t believe the election was stolen, are opposed to illegal immigration, are reluctant to keep funding the Ukraine war, are concerned about the NATO alliance, “and about 4 in 10 voted for Biden in that election.”

In other words, 40% of her voters were Democrats.

She’s not that popular in Michigan. That primary is today, and she will lose bigly.

The No-Labels leftist Democrat Party only exists to spoil it for Donald Trump. Don’t be surprised if Haley is on the No Labels’ line. The No Lables’ Democrat in this clip admits Haley’s a spoiler.

She lied, as she often does, about big donor Koch dropping out. Americans for Prosperity is a Koch PAC.

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