New Bombshell Senate Report of Russia-Trump Allegations Is a Fraud


A new ‘bombshell’ report taking a new look at the Russia ads allegedly aimed at getting Trump elected is simply a dry heave of the same information we’ve already heard. Its goal is to hurt Trump no doubt.

The Washington Post reported that Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Project and Graphika, a network analysis firm offers new details of how Russians working at the Internet Research Agency, sliced Americans into key interest groups for targeted messaging.

Based on this, Mueller charged Russia firms with criminal offenses as we know. Naturally, those firms are in Russia, and we will never know anything about their guilt. The indictments are somewhat of a joke, perhaps done for ‘show.’

The report was prepared for the Senate and allegedly offers a new look at how Russians tried to get Donald Trump elected.


The report highlights a belief by some that it was done to get President Trump elected. Many others, however, believe it was motivated to spread disinformation, period!

The report again chews up and regurgitates all the so-called facts. The facts are ones we’ve already been spoon fed about the Russians. That is, Russians ‘definitely’ wanted Trump to win by putting up pro-Trump ads and voter misinformation. The study mostly ignores the ads on behalf of Hillary. It’s all the same garbage we’ve heard before. But It is an opportunity for the left to repeat their allegations about Trump and Russia with a ‘new look’.

It’s true that Russia firms put out the ads and reported the wrong dates for the election, but it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

The Oxford/Graphika prepared the report for the Senate. It reconfirms Russia interference and the fact that they targeted minority areas and gave them the wrong date for voting. What it doesn’t mention is that Russian ads like ‘Blacktivist’ were pro-Hillary.


The NAACP is the first to come out with a headline.

The NAACP said Monday that it is returning a donation from Facebook based on this dry heaving of old ‘new’ information.

“Facebook’s engagement with partisan firms, it’s targeting of political opponents, the spread of misinformation and the utilization of Facebook for propaganda promoting disingenuous portrayals of the African American community is reprehensible,”  NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson said in a statement. The civil rights organization said it had given back a donation to Facebook, though it did not specify the amount.

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