New book might explain Drudge going from Trump supporter to Resister


A new book about Matt Drudge might explain how he went from fully supporting Donald Trump to becoming a far-left member of the Resistance.

According to the book “The Drudge Revolution,” written by journalist Matthew Lysiakwritten, Matt Drudge is emotionally and mentally troubled. His friends and family worried for years about his sometimes erratic behavior.

The Washington Times reported that he was called Lady Drudge inside the Trump campaign according to Sam Nunberg.

The book uncovered, according to the Times, details about Mr. Drudge’s deteriorating relationship with former longtime partner Andrew Breitbart, including how the Drudge Report was used by Breitbart for a “pay-to-play scheme” and “quid-pro-quos.”

“Breitbart had other revenue ideas. He entered into a pay-per-click financial arrangement with Reuters that further altered the page,” Mr. Lysiak writes. “The Drudge Report was almost like the mafia and would often be used as a henchman for the conservative side … there were absolute quid-pro-quos.”

Drudge also apparently had a turbulent early life.

“Physically he’s in good shape, but emotionally he has problems and he’s getting treatment for that,” his mother Claire told a court, Mr. Lysiak writes, according to The Washington Times.

After breaking the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky story, friends first began to have concerns about Mr. Drudge’s mental state.

“Matt’s friends began to wonder if something was wrong. They worried that what used to be small glimpses of paranoia were taking a greater hold of Matt’s psyche,” Mr. Lysiak writes. “Matt began to think there were spies everywhere.”

It’s unfortunate he has gone to the left, but it could be that he has a mental illness, similar to Kanye West.

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