Chicago Mayor Lori Lightweight Insults Police Union President of Her Crime-Ridden City


Shootings and murders in Chicago have reached critical levels. They are now an almost daily occurrence.

The death toll from shootings rise every weekend. Children are now being routinely shot and killed. Recently, there was a drive-by shooting at a funeral where the attendees returned fire. Fifteen people were injured in the firefight.

While the violence in Chicago keeps increasing, city officials call for defunding the second-largest police department in the country.

Chicago’s police union president John Caranzana recently asked President Trump for help with the city’s violent crime epidemic.

The mayor response to Caranzana’s request was unprofessional and vile. WGN-TV reported that Mayor Lightweight called him a “cartoon character” and a “clown” who is “desperate for relevance.”

The mayor refused to “take back one word that I said.”

In an MSNBC interview, Mayor Lightweight described her conversation with President Trump. She told the president she would “not agree to or accept anything like what’s happening on the streets of Portland, Oregon.”

Lightweight went on to say she “did not want unnamed federal agents patrolling our streets, pretending to be the police, sweeping people off, and denying them of their constitutional rights.” Lightweight concluded by saying, “That’s not going to happen in Chicago.”

What is happening in Chicago, however, is exactly what’s happening in the streets of Portland. Looting, rioting, and violence against police. And local citizens are being denied their constitutional rights.

Mayor Lori Lightweight has totally lost control of Chicago, but she doesn’t want to be like Portland. She lives in a glass house.

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