New Disinformation Board Documents Are Deeply Troubling


Republican senators have a whistleblower in the DHS who shared deeply troubling documents about the Disinformation Governance Board, now on temporary hold. Documents show it was set up to go after people they view as dangerous. It’s not cartels or foreign enemies – it’s American people. The secret agenda of the board was to partner with Big Tech to collect information on Americans who raised questions about election integrity, COVID, masks, vaccinations, CRT, anything that goes against the narrative.

It was meant to be an enormous spying and propaganda apparatus.

They confirm the worse fears Americans had. Senators Hawley and Grassley sent a letter to DHS Secretary Mayorkas about the documents with a lot of questions.

In the letter, the senators raised a number of questions asking how DHS determines what matters to prioritize. They are also seeking records related to communications regarding DHS’ efforts to enlist the cooperation of social media platforms to advance its policy goals

The letter and internal records provided to the senators is available HERE or below.

Grassley Hawley to Dept of homeland security disinformation governance board on Scribd

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