New J6 Video Shows Police Ushering Protesters Into the Capitol


In a new video obtained from the United States Department of Justice, police officers are seen welcoming protesters into the Upper West Terrace Doors of the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

It might be used to defend two men — Brady Knowlton and Patrick Montgomery — accused of felonies for alleged obstruction of an official proceeding on January 6th.

The video was released exclusively to The Gateway Pundit.

It was carefully edited to help explain to the viewers what was going on.

In the video, we see the same scene from two different vantage points side-by-side of the interior house cameras of the US Capitol. Both cameras were facing the same door on the Upper West Terrace from opposite directions. The identical time codes in the videos can be seen in the upper left corners, the video description says.

The police do not attempt to stop anyone as they enter. In fact, the police appear to welcome them. Many who came in took selfies.

There is no way they thought they would be prosecuted for crimes. They couldn’t possibly have thought they were committing crimes by entering.

We’ve seen a number of videos just like this one. Why would any of these people be considered obstructionists? If they were violent that’s one thing, but if it’s only for this trumped-up obstruction charge, it is unreasonable.


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11 months ago

My wife and I watched the whole event live on Rightside Broadcasting. Footage from start to finish. . the peaceful rally including the walk to the Capitol . . it was then when we noticed something was off. The small crowd that was already on site did not look or act like the same huge crowd at the rally. We both agreed that it all looked staged. We watched the Capitol police hold doors open letting crowds of people to enter. At the same time we notice a few people, in comparison to the whole crowd, getting out of hand. The majority behaved well as if they were enjoying a school field trip. Without a doubt we knew that this crowd had been infiltrated by a handful of trouble makers. This was in no way an insurrection. That wasn’t the purpose . . it was to march peacefully to the Capitol and let their voices be heard. Nothing more.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago
Reply to  Ronnie

Yes it was a government set up to falsely entrap people. The DOJ had to be involved. This was not a Nancy Pelosi created plot.

11 months ago

Pelosi has a lot of explaining to do. It’s clear the many protested were “escorted” into the Capitol. The real question is why Pelosi turned down President Trump’s offer of Nationa Guard Troops. The only person who belongs in Jail is Pelosi!