New York City Council supports a new bill to have non-citizens vote


A majority of the largely socialist/communist City Council, 54-31,  support a bill to allow non-citizens to vote in New York City.

NYC doesn’t even have voter ID and poll workers are not allowed to ask for proof of citizenship. Now they want to allow non-citizens, about 1 million, including criminals in the sanctuary city, to choose the elected officials.

NYC also has Motor Voter.

There will be no way to sift them out in presidential elections and Democrats wouldn’t do it if they could.  The cartels run the drug and trafficking ‘businesses’ in New York City. They would get to choose their political leaders. Who do you think they will vote for?

The bill by anti-American Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez (D-Washington Heights) seeks to supersede state law. It would give the green card, work visa holders, and others the right to vote in local elections.

“This is not about a favor, this is about taxation without representation,” Rodriguez claimed during Monday’s hearing on the measure. He came to the Big Apple from the Dominican Republican at age 18 and has been a staunch supporter of expanded rights for illegal immigrants.

Rodriguez added: “If people have a problem with this, then they should move to another town or another country that has not been built by immigrants.” What a distortion of reality. It was built by Americans and pioneers. This nation was not built by illegal aliens, students from foreign countries, and criminals protected by New York City leftists.

This is unconstitutional and it’s just wrong.

The Daily News reports:

The bill’s title speaks of “allowing permanent residents in New York City to vote in municipal elections,” but the text goes further, extending the right to any holder of U.S. work authorization who resides in the city longer than 30 days. This includes not only longtime work visa holders and those with Temporary Protected Status and DACA, but also potentially students and temporary workers who might be leaving the country within months. As a result, the city would let people who are barred by federal and state law from contributing to campaigns cast ballots in elections. We’d rather start with permanent residents.

Finally, in charge of this overhaul of the voter rolls would be the city’s laughably dysfunctional Board of Elections, an agency notorious for bungling elections with just one set of rolls. No one should accept at face value their assertions that they’d smoothly handle a second.

“Our Law Department is very clear on this. It’s (not) legal for this to be decided at the city level. I really believe this has to be decided at the state level, according to state law,” the communist Mayor de Blasio said.

It guarantees Democrats in office in perpetuity. Sadly, Governor Hochul would gladly make this state law if she can.

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