New York City mayor actually said the virus is racist because we are


On Thursday, Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio declared on Twitter that because all Americans are hateful racists who “discriminate,” then obviously the coronavirus discriminates too.

“This virus DOES discriminate — because our nation discriminates. We may be beginning to restart but we’re not repeating a broken status quo,” he tweeted.

Yes, he actually said that. This is not satire.

This moronic comment comes after de Blasio agreed to shift money away from the NYPD as officers were fighting rioters and looters, and taking untold abuse.

And, after enforcing social distancing rules during the coronavirus lockdown like a Nazi, telling people they could only go into the ocean up to their ankles, the mayor dismissed the notion that an uptick on COVID-19 cases in recent days had anything at all to do with the weeks-long mass protests stemming from the George Floyd incident.

“We do not see evidence that it’s related to something that’s happened only over the last week, just because of the time it takes for the disease to manifest,” he said, the NY Daily News reported.

Ah, yes, anything to appease Black Lives Matter.






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