Socialist New York City’s Roads Help Lead to the Death of a Three-Year Old


Authorities say a 3-year-old girl was killed and three people were hurt in a multi-vehicle collision involving a sanitation truck early Saturday after they tried to avoid one of the many, many potholes in the street.

The driver swerved into another lane and were rear-ended by a garbage truck. The little child was in a car seat.

The four victims were taken to a hospital. The 3-year-old child, was pronounced dead. Two women, 37 and 52, and a man were also injured in the crash.

The driver of the sanitation truck remained on the scene.

Roads in New York have visibly deteriorated under Democrat-Socialist leadership. New York City is heading for 3rd world road status. New York City’s roads are the 7th worst in the nation.

Motorists are forced to cough up nearly $800 a year in maintenance and repairs, according to a July, 2016 report from the transportation research group TRIP.

In all, slightly more than half of the roads in the area encompassing New York City and Newark are in poor condition, according to TRIP.

“It’s not surprising,” said AAA New York spokesman Robert Sinclair. “We’ve got an old infrastructure.”

A Department of Transportation spokeswoman noted that the city is undertaking an ambitious plan to resurface roads — investing $242 million to repave 2,500 lane miles over the next two years. That will barely begin to address the problem.

The report, compiled using federal data on pavement conditions, found that the nation’s worst roads run through the San Francisco-Oakland area, another Democrat success story.

“With state and local governments struggling to fund needed road repairs and with federal surface transportation funding set to expire this month, road conditions are projected to get even worse,” said TRIP Executive Director Will Wilkins.

TRIP wants the federal big government to be on the hook for cities like New York that waste money on supporting foreigners and paying for college for select groups, including illegals. It will make them less accountable. That’s what Big Government is all about.

Why should people in Nebraska and Texas pay for the wanton sins of the Democrat-Socialist states? It’s taxation without representation.

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