New York Might Ban Gas Mowers and Weed Whackers


New York might ban the sale of gas-powered lawnmowers or leaf blowers to accomplish absolutely nothing. The people don’t have any say since New York is now a one-party, socialist state under the Democrat Party, where our rulers make all our decisions for us.

The new Bill A705, now under consideration, reads: “Prohibits the sale of gasoline-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers in the state; requires the commissioner to promulgate rules to enact such prohibition by January 1, 2025”.

Added pressure for the grid!

New York State Says NO To Gas-Powered Mowers, Blowers!

According to a Tweet and video from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, you will have a better outdoor experience this summer as they convert to all-electric.

This past spring, tyrannical Gov. Hochul banned the installation of fossil-fuel equipment in new buildings, including gas stoves. She’s taking us backward, sacrificing the middle class and good businesses to the god of climate change. It’s set to take effect in 2026 for structures of seven stories or less and in 2029 for larger buildings. The law would not apply to existing buildings. It’s the devil’s foot in our fossil fuels.

Democrats plan to take over every part of your life.

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