Amazon Replaces 100,000 Humans with 750,000 Robots

404 Inc., the world’s second-largest private employer, has significantly increased its use of robotics. It is deploying more than 750,000 robots alongside its human workforce. The report comes from Yahoo Finance, Tech Gig, and others.

The company employs 1.5 million people and has reduced over 100,000 employees from its 2021 peak of 1.6 million. This shift coincides with a rapid expansion of its robotic fleet. It grew from 200,000 robots in 2019 to 520,000 in 2022.

Goodby union grievances and salary negotiations. However, if people don’t have jobs, who will buy the products.

Amazon’s robots, including new models like Sequoia and Digit, are designed to perform repetitive tasks, enhancing efficiency, safety, and delivery speed.

Sequoia speeds up inventory management and order processing. Digit, a bipedal robot developed with Agility Robotics, handles tasks like moving empty tote boxes.

Amazon claims that robots have created new skilled job categories. They say it aligns with a broader industry trend of integrating advanced technologies with human workforces.

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