New York’s Irreversible Path to Communism with ‘Egregious’ Redistricting


According to analysis at FiveThirtyEight, the newly unveiled map “severely” tilts the “playing field toward Democrats” (emphasis added):

The proposed map has an efficiency gap of D+9, but that understates how severely it would tilt the playing field toward Democrats. The proposed map creates 20 Democratic-leaning seats and only four Republican-leaning seats and two highly competitive seats (both of which tilt toward Democrats themselves).

This is an increase of three Democratic-leaning seats, a decrease of three Republican-leaning seats and a decrease of one highly competitive seat from the old map.

If the map is enacted, it would likely set up Democrats to flip the open Republican-held 1st and 22nd districts, as well as Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis’s 11th District. GOP Rep. Claudia Tenney would also be thrown into a competitive race against Democratic Rep. Antonio Delgado in the new 19th District.

Claudia Tenney’s seat was continually contested by Hillary’s coup lawyer Marc Elias in the last election. If he can’t win one way, he’ll find another.

“Such an egregiously biased map was only possible because of the weakness of New York’s new bipartisan redistricting commission,” FiveThirtyEight explained. “Under state law, the legislature may simply draw its own map after rejecting the commission’s first two proposals. Even worse, the commission didn’t even work as intended.”

As highlighted by The Washington Post, the new map “erases the upstate seat held by Rep. Claudia Tenney (R) and creates a deep blue district in the middle of the state.”

The hard left is also redistricting Republicans out of Long Island. Rep. Lee Zeldin, who is running for governor, would have faced a solid far-left Democrat majority were he to run for his seat again.

The likes of Nancy Pelosi and George Soros have been eyeing this seat for several years.

Earlier this year, New Yorkers resoundingly voted ‘no’ to eliminate the independent redistricting commission that lays the groundwork for elections.

New Yorkers also voted resoundingly ‘no’ on ‘no excuse voting.’  The Queen reversed that too with a fiat.

I can’t remember the name, but years ago a New York legislator told Democrats to run as Republicans to get rid of them. He also ranted that they had to redistrict Republicans out of existence in New York. We heard that in California as well and it’s working.

The cheating won’t stop with redistricting. The mail-in balloting Hochul approved will be corrupt.

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