Sheriff Clarke Pummels Geraldo Who Says Illegal Alien Felons Feel Like Fugitive Slaves


There isn’t a leftist statement dumb enough for Geraldo to disagree with!

Mayor Ras Baraka (D-Newark) told Al Sharpton that the Trump administration’s plan to deport the illegal alien felons protected in sanctuary cities is a way of intimidating the city officials into being “fugitive slave catchers.” It’s unAmerican and unconstitutional, the flame thrower said.

We are, right now, talking about illegal alien FELONS.

Geraldo discussed the mayor’s inflammatory political rhetoric on ‘Hannity’ last night, defending sanctuary cities and illegal immigration. Mind you that Trump has only ordered illegal felons deported.

Geraldo agrees with Newark Mayor Baraka that the deported aliens can be compared with”fugitive slave catchers”. That’s how they “feel” Geraldo says.

Sheriff David Clarke began his response saying, “Shame on you, Geraldo” and then emphasized the mayor’s stupidity. What the mayor said – “comparing fugitive slaves to illegal aliens” – is “lunacy”, Clarke said.

It’s “the gold standard of stupidity”, he continued, and he wishes we could “go back in time” to speak with Dred Scott, Frederick Douglas, Nat Turner and ask them “if it’s the same thing, a slave, someone who was taken and held against their will, returned back to a slave master, is the same thing as the obligation to enforce our immigration laws”.

“Count on the left to talk crazy, to talk outrageous[ly], to try to add fuel to this thing. That’s not what’s going on. Everybody knows it but they’re out of things to say, so they have to talk stupid,” he said.

Geraldo continued to insist illegal aliens commit fewer crimes in between telling Hannity and the Sheriff God should “bless” them and how he “cares deeply” for the Sheriff.

Gerry Rivera, raised Jewish as a boy from the Bronx with a Puerto Rican father and Jewish mother, became Geraldo in order to further his career. His most famous investigation was the much-ballyhooed and prolonged opening of the empty Al Capone safe. Another famous report ended in him giving away troop positions in Iraq while embedded with them.

Slaves were property, they did not have due process, they were beaten and killed, the Sheriff reminded Geraldo. The Sheriff also said there is no excuse for talking stupid after Geraldo said the comments were the black mayor’s, not his.

Sheriff Clarke debates Geraldo by mauriedee–

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