Next Time Schumer Holds a Presser re: NYC’s Crime Riddled Streets Will be the First Time


Next Time Schumer Holds a Presser re: NYC’s Crime Riddled Streets Will be the First Time

If you feel like you’re getting way too much Chuck Schumer because of   Roe v Wade and the Orwellian titled “Inflation Reduction Bill,” we’ve got the perfect solution.  

Charles Schumer

Just live in New York City.  Wait! What?  Isn’t that Schumer’s “hometown”?  Wasn’t it where he grew up? Yes, and yes. But that was before Chucky turned his narcissistic, laser-like focus on becoming Democrat Senate Majority Leader.

It was right around that time, with the “Big Apple” suffering BLM riots and COVID, that Schumer decided that pressing career issues in Washington took priority over the life and death crises engulfing New York City.  

Chuck couldn’t let little things like looting, police cruisers being firebombed, and senior facilities registering record deaths, all within walking distance of his Brooklyn office, keep him from his lifelong dream.  Around the same time, a few blocks further away, two police officers were shot after another stabbed in the neck during an unprovoked ambush.  Still, Schumer remained holed up, hiding under his desk in D.C. 

There were no weekly Sunday press conferences, that for years had been a staple of Schumer’s love-fest with a fawning elitist media.  There were essentially no pressers at all, and certainly none from his home borough of Brooklyn.

As New York City again faces a devastating crisis, this one of historically spiking crime, the state’s senior senator is too busy raising millions of dollars of dark money in “The Swamp” and passing a destructive tax and spending bill to be bothered tending to his long-suffering constituents “at home.”  

You see, right after Chuck Schumer’s insatiable lust for power, New Yorkers come first.  

So if you’re sick of Schumer’s droning tone and Ben Franklin glasses, come to NYC while it’s still in the middle of record-setting mayhem.  He’ll be nowhere to be found.  


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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
7 months ago

The one and only thing that Cryin’ Chuckie Schumer–as he’s known for his big fake tears AOC started using to further her barstool sniffing self—ever really concerned himself with is the Jeffrey Epstein mega-coin Cryin’ Chuckie was happily receiving during the 1990s to allow the child molester to operate in NY, espcially the city where there is a hugely amount of predators, seks trafficking, and pedophiles. Payments ended when Epstein was suicided. Cryin’ Scummer is likely on that Epstein-Maxwell list of predators and pedophiles.

Last edited 7 months ago by Harrison Pendleton
Tim Shep
Tim Shep
7 months ago

This is why we need term limits. These dolts are more concerned with appeasing their donors and lobbyists than representing their constituents.

7 months ago

Democrats and RINOs don’t represent the People. They go to Washington D.C. to become rich and powerful. Maybe we should limit the time a Congressmen can spend in Washington D.C. to two months per year and make them spend the other 10 months in their district or automatically strip them of their Office. In Texas, the Legislature only meets every other year and Texas is one of the best States in the Union to live in. Make it easy for Constituents to see who (Lobbyist) their Congressman meets with.

We also need to strip Bureacrats of all regulatory power and require Congress to vote on every regulation individually. Only Congress should make Law. The President should be stripped of all Mandate Powers over the States, those Powers are deligated to the States and is for Governors. Presidential Power must be limited to Overseas and the Military. When it comes to the Military, no soldier should be subjected to experimental medications. We have far too much Federal Government and need to force the Federal Government to focus on the important things and return day to day Government back to the States and Counties. A Congressman like Schumer should not be allowed to force his stupidity on me. I don’t live in New York for a Reason!

Congressmen like Schumer need to concentrate on their Districts and States instead creating one size fits none Nation messes. One thing we must do to fix the Senate is repeal the 17th Amendment so that the Senate one again will represent their State as a whole and not special interest throughout the Country.