Globalists & the CCP Own More of Ukraine Than Russia


A few years ago, Maoist China bought up one-tenth of best Ukraine’s arable farmland. Allegedly, foreigners can’t buy Ukrainian land.  They have a 50-year lease. They farm the land and send the grain all back to China. China doesn’t have enough usable farmland. It’s not only China, it’s also three of the worst globalist nations in the world.

China on Ukraine’s land.

China is also buying up farmland in the US and other countries. A bill introduced by Dan Newhouse would ban the CCP from buying US land. Ironically, the US are buying up Ukrainian land. Is that worth fighting a war over? Just asking.

Globalists or China, is there that much of a difference?


Before the Maidan Revolution in 2014, foreigners invested in Ukraine’s farmland but couldn’t purchase land.

“The Ukrainian puppet government allowed three American companies to buy more agricultural land than there is in all of Italy.” They also declared that Ukrainian lands no longer belong to Ukrainians. However, President Volodymyr Zelensky himself previously described the unlimited acquisition of land by the Chinese, Arabs, or “unidentified flying objects” with horror stories.

In 2015 after the Maidan revolution, companies and shareholders behind foreign land acquisitions in Ukraine span many different parts of the world. The Danish “Trigon Agri,” for example, holds over 52,000 ha. Trigon was established in 2006 using start-up capital from Finnish “high net worth individuals.” The company is traded in Stockholm (NASDAQ), and its largest shareholders include JPM Chase (the UK, 9.5 percent); Swedbank (Sweden, 9.4 percent); UB Securities (Finland, 7.9 percent); Euroclear Bank (Belgium, 6.6 percent); and JP Morgan Clearing Corp (the USA, 6.2 percent), The Oakland Institute reports.

The United Farmers Holding Company, owned by a group of Saudi Arabian investors, controls some 33,000 ha of Ukrainian farmland through Continental Farmers Group PLC.

AgroGeneration, which holds 120,000 ha of Ukrainian farmland, is incorporated in France, with over 62 percent of its shares managed by SigmaBleyzer, a Texas-based investment company.

Globalists corporations.

These investments seem more like land theft and exploitation. It seems like corporate colonialism.

US pension fund NCH Capital holds 450,000 ha. The company began in 1993 and boasts of being some of the earliest western investors in Ukraine after the break-up of the Soviet Union. Over the past decade, the company has systematically leased out small parcels of agricultural land (around two to six hectares in size) across Ukraine, aggregating these into large-scale farms operating industrially. According to NCH Capital’s General Partner, George Rohr, the leases give the company the right to buy the currently-leased farmland once the moratorium on the sale of land in Ukraine is lifted.

Another subset of companies have Ukrainian leadership, often a mix of domestic and foreign investment, and may be incorporated in tax havens like Cyprus, Austria, and Luxembourg. Some of them are also led by Ukrainian oligarchs. For instance, UkrLandFarming controls the country’s largest land bank, totaling 654,000 ha of land. 95 percent of the shares of UkrLandFarming are owned by multi-millionaire Oleg Bakhmatyuk with the remaining five percent having been recently sold to Cargill.  Similarly, Yuriy Kosiuk, Ukraine’s fifth richest man, is the CEO of MHP, one of the country’s largest agricultural companies, which holds over 360,000 ha of farmland.


According to Reuters, in March 2020, Ukrainian lawmakers voted to lift a ban on the sale of farmland that has stood for nearly two decades. It cleared one of the hurdles needed to unlock an $8 billion loan package from the International Monetary Fund.

President Volodymyr Zelensky had urged lawmakers to support lifting the ban or risk plunging the country, one of Europe’s poorest, into default due to the economic shock from the coronavirus pandemic.

The globalist IMF are also plunderers.

At an emergency session that started on Monday and lasted until past midnight, lawmakers also passed a banking reform bill, another IMF requirement, at the first reading but failed to approve a revised emergency budget for 2020.

Opening up Ukraine’s land market has been a political hot potato for years. Supporters champion the move to unlock the enormous investment potential in what is already one of the world’s top grain exporters.

The leader of globalist Zelenskiy’s faction in parliament, Davyd Arakhamiia, called it “the end of serfdom in Ukraine.”

It seems like the beginning.
The bill could allow oligarchs to help foreigners muscle out poorer Ukrainians. It looks like it has, if these reports are accurate.

Opposition lawmaker Nestor Shufrich accused lawmakers of “succumbing to blackmail by the International Monetary Fund.”

Allegedly, no land would be sold to foreigners without a referendum, and there would be limits on how much land each person or entity could own.

Ukraine’s economy has been propped up by IMF deals since the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea plunged the country into turmoil. Such deals, contingent on passing reforms and tackling endemic corruption, also boosted investor confidence.

The land sale law went into effect in July 2021. Foreigners can’t buy the land, but there are foreign shareholders and leasers then and now. And Zelensky allowed three of the most authoritarian globalist corporations to buy up land.

The globalists were buying Ukraine.

Since the new law on the sale of agricultural land entered into force one year ago in Ukraine, until today, three large multinational consortia with American capital have bought almost a third of Ukrainian arable land.

report by the Australian National Review states that the three US globalist corporations managed to acquire 17 out of the 62 million hectares of agricultural land in less than a year. This allowed them to control 28% of the total arable land in Ukraine.

Customers are “Cargill,” “Dupont,” and “Monsanto” (which is formally a German-Australian company but with American capital). Among the most important shareholders of these companies are “Vanguard,” “Blackrock” and “Blackstone.” At the same time, “Blackrock” is a fund that manages assets of 10 trillion dollars, “Vanguard” with six, and “Blackstone” with 0,9 trillion dollars.

Most of this report comes from The Oakland Institute, but not all, and it needs further investigation.

This is one reason why I don’t like Zelensky and don’t think he’s George Washington.

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1 year ago

This article is an excellent description describing how land has been expropriated from its true owners and parceled out to foreign interests and explains why the Obiden Junta is willing to give “whatever it takes” to thwart the Russian annexation of Ukraine. It should be understood that all land titles are clouded in Ukraine as 90% of this land was expropriated by Bolshevik decree from its rightful owners who were either imprisoned, exiled, or killed. A few escaped and their claims have been rejected by the Ukrainian courts.It remains to be seen if these true owners of these immensely valuable land will receive better treatment from the Russian court system.

1 year ago

Globalist have been doing business like this for Centuries. This is why when the Globalist, Bush 41, became President, I became a Libertarian. I returned to the Republican Party recently, but only as long as it’s an America First Party.

We should not allow any foreign Citizen or Company to own land in America. We should also limit Corporate and the Rich ownership of farm land. We can’t allow Corporations to control America’s food supply. We need to have limits on Land ownership by companies like BlackRock. Finally, no American Corporation should have more than 33% Foreign ownership. Screw Globalist!

Then, there is the population density issue. High Density Cities create crazy people. We need a very progressive Federal tax on population density starting with cities of more than 1,000 people per square mile and a huge reduction in the Income Tax. The cost of Disasters in Big Cities is huge, in addition to the cost of poverty and crime. You just don’t see this in small cities and towns. The Big Blue City has been a colossal failure.