NFL Player Explains Free Speech Is Not Okay If It Offends Him


If you want to know what kneeling, black power fist throwing NFL players think about free speech, look no further than Draymond Green.

Green explained the protesting players’ viewpoint that it is not okay in 2017 to use a figure of speech he doesn’t like.

Houston Texans owner Rob McNair said after a meeting of players, NFL PR leftists and team owners that the inmates can’t take over the prison. The reason McNair made the comments was because Commissioner Roger Goodell has allowed the suits to take over and tell the owners that the players will be allowed to show disrespect for the flag and the anthem.

It had nothing to do with criminals. It’s an expression. If he said the rooster can’t be in charge of the henhouse, would that be like calling the players roosters? He has apologized and shouldn’t have had to.

The spoiled rich players threatened to walk out over it.

Instead, there will be a unified protest by the players before the game with the Seattle Seahawks Sunday. The players could decide to all kneel together, peel the Texans decal off their helmets, or protest by raising their fists, a source told ESPN.

The NFL will resume its meetings in New York between Commissioner Roger Goodell, team owners, league officials, player representatives and select players from around the league. This week, former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been formally invited to participate.

They’re disgusting on all issues of free speech as they claim they support free speech.

Ironically, as an aside, Draymond Green has in the past been arrested for assault which might help explain his hypersensitivity but not his lack of knowledge of the First Amendment.

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