NHL fans take a knee after the teams won’t


The NHL took a very different stance from the Marxist-Communist Chinese Party-supporting NBA. They stood out of respect for our national anthem. Kneeling for the anthem is one of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated in the name of Black Americans.

The left says it’s not about the anthem, but that is when they kneel. The leaders are the BlackLivesMatter movement which is Marxist, run by “Marxist trained” co-founders.

The NHL will be bullied and hounded until they give in and show their disrespect for our flag and country.


The idiot virtue signalers are on Twitter claiming they won’t support the NHL. Twitter, of course, made sure it trended.

The media claims their fans are angry. It was trending on Twitter, based on angry Twitter people in the fake world of Twitter.

This is another media hoax. The MSM took a few jerks on Twitter and made a fake story out of it.

Here is a couple of them:

Here are the supporters of a Marxist movement:

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