FB removes Candace Owen’s post although FB admits it’s factual


Candace Owens wrote a factual, truthful, accurate statement that Facebook doesn’t like because of its context (COV vaccine). They told people who read it that it contained false information even though they told Candace it isn’t false.

Pregnant women must not be discouraged from taking the experimental non-FDA-approved drug with no long-term trials and no trials of the effects on the baby.

Facebook does not want the truth known.



  1. No worries. FB is free to publish or distort any and all information as it sees fit. The social media platforms are now the fourth branch of government.

  2. It’s 1984 all over again. If you haven’t read George Orwell’s classic book “1984,” you need to. It’ll scare the pants off you. We’re living in 1984!

  3. Some young hip college students started up Fakebook to rate the “hotness” of female classmates (sexist) and there was no startup money or involvement by alphabet soup agencies.
    Let me ride my rainbow unicorn over to the chocolate fountain for a refill.

  4. 230 protects Big Tech from what you put on the Internet, It does not give them protection from removing the truth – it’s time to sue Big Tech Media out of existence. I say sue them in small claims court for a defective product. If a Million people sued for say $10,000 each that would be 10,000,000,000 in damages nation wide. Fighting the suits would cost even more in lawyers. The Government should not be allowed to provide for anyone, including Government, Government Employees, or even Politicians from being sued. That is akin to putting someone or an entity out of the reach of and above the Law.

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