Nikki Haley & President Trump Speak About Her Resignation


President Trump accepted U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s resignation on Tuesday which came as a surprise for the media but not for the President. He held a joint press conference with her in the White House so he could thank her publicly for the outstanding job she has done. For her part, Nikki Haley spoke highly of the President and she will be campaigning for him in 2020.

The President credited her with improving the job, and helping solve some of the very serious problems they faced in North Korea, Iran, and other hot spots.

Ambassador Haley said she just wanted to take a break and mentioned it to the President six months ago and again last week. She has a husband and two children, although she didn’t mention that as a reason. She said six years as a governor through a hurricane and other difficult situations followed by two years with North Korea, Iran…it’s time to let someone else take over. She said, “I’m a firm believer in term limits.”

It’s great that she knows when it’s time to go — a rare attribute in politics.

This is a clip from their speeches at the White House Tuesday.

Katie Pavlich guessed Lindsey Graham would go to the DOJ and she would become senator.

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