No Evidence of Any Crime in the J6 Electoral Count


Mark Levin began this discussion with the election of 1800 which bears similarities to the election of 2020. There was a great deal of pressure placed on key people in 1800. Also, there was talk of a civil war, secession, or restructuring of the government.

With that as background, Levin explains Trump’s handling of the election of 2020 was not illegal.

There is no evidence Donald Trump committed any of these crimes. For one thing, it is completely unclear what the Vice President’s role is in the electoral count. How do you build a case around a law that is unclear? This is an effort to pervert the Constitution, Levin said.

So what if President Trump pressured Pence who resisted? It’s not a crime.

To put the law process on the Constitution is to pervert it.

The final say of the election is in Congress when they accept the electoral votes.


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