Manchin Defends Inflation Bill Creating Jobs in Other Nations


West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin tried to defend the Inflation bill. It’s a smaller version of Build Back Better, misnamed The Inflation Reduction Act. Manchin said that it will bring alternative energy to the USA much quicker. It will also put West Virginians out of work.

He wants those windmills and solar panels made in foreign countries to replace fossil fuels quickly. In the halls of academia, creating jobs in foreign countries might sound like a good idea, but not in the real world.

“If you want to get a discount on an electric car by buying an EV, the battery better be made in America, better be sourced in North America, it better be processed,” Manchin said today during his stop at CBS.

North America? Does he mean Canada? He should have added Mexico and China. They will not be made in the USA.
Failed solar road

Solar didn’t work the last time. They can’t compete with cheap labor and slave labor. The solar panel manufacturers blamed Congress for not writing enough checks. Why should they? They can’t compete.

“It is just a question of whether factories like this can exist in [the US] and be profitable.” reported a solar executive told the Washington Post, “It is just a question of whether factories like this can exist in [the US] and be profitable” for a solar manufacturing resurgence was already audacious in an industry so dominated by China, whose cheap products drove the closure of many American solar plants.

The Post writes further:

The energy security risks created by the collapse of the U.S. solar manufacturing industry over the past decade have come into sharp focus amid power shortages gripping the globe, propelled by Russia’s control over key energy sources and supply chains. But the current state of play in solar production leaves America’s energy transition vulnerable to the whims of another rival superpower.

Manchin’s bill includes empty and unenforceable promises for fossil fuels as window dressing.

As Conservative Treehouse notes, they won’t be made here and coal miners in West Virginia will be out of work:

The West Virginia windmills and solar panels will be shipped as raw materials from China and the EU into Canada.  Canada will assemble the parts and ship the finished goods into the United States for placement by illegal alien workers employed by the contractors.  The batteries to store the solar and windmill power will come from Mexico, after they receive the raw materials from Africa and Asia.

Millions of these babies coming California’s way.

The Inflation bill will give subsidies and payoffs but it won’t work. They still can’t compete. After we have foreign countries make these windmills and solar panels, in twenty to twenty-five years, they will end up in landfills. We know that because that is what is happening now.

As Fox News contributor Steve Milloy said, “50 years into solar panel foolishness and they are still uneconomical unless made with Chinese slave labor and zero environmental regulation.”

Every media outlet claims this bill is “historic.” Everything they pass is “historic” to make them seem amazing. They’re frauds.

Everything is staged with the media’s help.

Manchin knows nothing will be made in the US or in West Virginia. He doesn’t care.


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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

I know not all states have this in their state’s constitution but does W. Virginia have a recall system for their US Senators? I hope they at least get rid of the back stabbing Manchin in 2024.