Non-stop super spreaders few care about


The illegals pouring into the country are coming in non-stop. They’re here to replace you and no one seems to care.


And they are pouring in with COV. Biggest super spreader ever and no one cares, certainly not Joe Biden or Dr. Fauci who worries about CPAC events endangering people.

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The IRA is Undefeated
The IRA is Undefeated
1 year ago

“Therefore, in accordance with strict necessity and justice we must devote ourselves wholly and completely to unrestrained and relentless destruction, which must grow in a crescendo until there is nothing left of the existing social forms. …We say: the most complete destruction is incompatible with creation, therefore destruction must be absolute and exclusive. The present generation must begin with real revolutions. It must begin with a complete change of all social living conditions; this means that the present generation must blindly raze everything to the ground with only one thought: As fast and as much as possible.”

Socialist Phenomenon, Igor Shafarevich.

The Flight Of The Earls
The Flight Of The Earls
1 year ago

They grow surlier with each day and YT is expected to go bye bye.
Some newcomers that were friendly at first when needing some water or some tools are now no longer no nice.
They think that Gringo Gabacho can’t habla when I know what they are saying.
I answer back with some German that would make Friedrich Braunschmitt III proud and they are certainly not G-PG rated.
Hateful trash talking is unity, for your 1984 Lexicon devil update.
Words don’t bother me and my comp Pietro B. with my birthdate in the serial number is a bad mutha…shut yo mouth.