Non-white supremacist beats Chinese man-“F* you Chinese…I hate you”


An Asian jewelry store owner was attacked by a non-white supremacist for not letting him open store items in the store. The attacker, a black man, became upset and started punching him while cursing, saying he hated Chinese people.

The victim, Chong Hu Lu, owner of Max Trading, told News 4 DC that he needed 14 stitches.

The attacker, a non-white supremacist yelled, “F* you Chinese people. I hate you.”

If we are going to stop Asian hate, we probably should start by honestly identifying the problem. Black men are beating Chinese people. That is the problem.

The attacker ran away and has not been arrested.



  1. This build Babel back better Great Reset Leap Forward hybrid Zimbabwe/Cuba/North Korea/East Germany utopia is golden!
    Yes we can, forward!

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