Northern Illinois U Teaches Marxism, Responding to “Oppression”, “Privilege”


Northern Illinois University has made a commitment to teaching all aspects of Marxist Social Justice to students and staff.

Commie summer camp

Last summer, NIU conducted workshops for teachers in a “candid and nonjudgmental exploration of multiculturalism, privilege, identity, oppression and more.” It was a three-day camp to “bring together teams of educators to investigate multicultural and social justice education,” Campus Reform reported.

This past semester, the same university ran over 70 workshops to train students to respond to oppression and privilege.

You would think we lived in Rwanda where people really are oppressed. Privilege is an anti-white ideology meant to further the communist Social Justice ideology.

A series called “Conversations on Diversity and Equity” (CODE), run by the Office of Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ADEI), was conducted for 191 student organizations, NIU Today reported according to Free Beacon.

CODE workshops include “Situating the Self,” which defines diversity lingo; “Power Dynamics of Difference,” where students are taught “critical thinking skills and knowledge regarding how privilege and oppression shape their experiences and perspectives in relationship and communities”; and “Engaging Systems of Oppressions,” which “immerses dedicated individuals with the lifelong dedication necessary for social justice work.”

Students are infused with this brainwashing in every aspect of their student lives.

NIU currently has 17 CODE facilitators, including staff from the office of student conduct, housing and dining, and career services, who conduct the workshops.

Their three-year brainwashing plan was rolled out in 2014.

Brainwashing of today for the Marxists of tomorrow.

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