Not One Child Can Do Grade Level Math in 23 Baltimore Public Schools


In Baltimore, 23 schools have no students doing math on grade level. Not one. This is a Democrat city, run only by Democrats for decades, and all the policies are attributable to Democrats.

This isn’t about race. It’s largely the result of societal problems based on Democrat policies and values.

“We’re not living up to our potential,” said Jovani Patterson, a Baltimore resident who made headlines in January 2022 when he filed a lawsuit against Baltimore City Schools. The suit claims the district is failing to educate students and, in the process, misusing taxpayer funds.

“We, the taxpayer, are funding our own demise,” Patterson said at the time.

“My immediate reaction is, take your kids out of these schools,” said Patterson.


The Maryland State Department of Education recently released the 2022 state test results known as MCAP, Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program.

Baltimore City’s math scores were the lowest in the state. Just 7 percent of third through eighth graders tested proficient in math, which means 93 percent could not do math at grade level.

There is no excuse for this. I’ve worked in schools with similar populations, and they should be learning just like anyone else. Certainly, the masking and lockdowns hurt these children the most. That was criminal.

Among the list of 23 schools, there are ten high schools, eight elementary schools, three Middle/High schools, and two Elementary/Middle schools.

Exactly 2,000 students, in total, took the state math test at these schools. Not one could do math at grade level.

This is why we need Charter Schools to get people away from the far-left teacher’s union-run schools. In time, hopefully, they’d replace the horrendous public schools. Some public schools are excellent, but not in most Democrat-run cities. That’s the dirty little secret Democrats don’t want you to know. They’ll do anything to distract from that.

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lloyd braun
lloyd braun
9 months ago

On the plus side, they could proficiently name all sixteen genders, identify the Constitution as the founding document of white supremacy, and could define “reparation.”

9 months ago

This decay in Baltimore schools is exactly what the Uniparty planned after WWII. Massive “useful idiots” (Comrades) created to destroy our founding culture. Many cities in America are in lockstep with their fellow Comrades.

9 months ago

My youngest daughter came to America from overseas to finish High School. She is in a very good private school. She is taking mostly honors courses and has around a 3.5 average. She says school in America is easy! Sometimes I question if bringing here here to finish school was a good idea, but my older daughter assures me that her US experience was worth it.