Super Bowl LVII Gets Political and Divisive


by JD Simmons

One flag, one nation

Super Bowl LVII will feature the fake black national anthem, adding politics to the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles game.

Sheryl Lee Ralph will sing “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” It’s very divisive. Some leftists decided it was the Black National Anthem, even though it never was. It’s a song aimed at diminishing our national anthem. It divides us along racial lines.

Race doesn’t exist. We are all one people in one nation under God. We have one anthem and one flag. The far left damages or destroys everything they touch. Take a good look at the cities they run. In New York City, we had 20 shootings and stabbings as of Sunday morning, with three dead.

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” wants us to constantly remember we had slaves instead of looking at the good that has come from our nation. Nothing against the lovely Sheryl Lee Ralph.

This is the far more inspirational national anthem when we are singing as one:

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