NV district’s new policy ignores attendance, participation, late assignments


Clark County, Nevada, just instituted a new Marxist school policy on grading that will make grades ‘equitable.’

They are going to bring everyone down to the level of the most irresponsible students in the name of equity.

Attendance, participation, and late assignments will mean nothing. So the students can wander in late, refuse to engage in class, and hand in assignments whenever. Obviously, taking behavior out of the equation will produce entitled, lazy people.

Do you want your doctor to come in late for your surgery? You might be lucky if the surgeon shows up at all.

The new policy puts the lowest grade a student could possibly achieve at 50%, meaning students will never get less than half credit on an assignment.

Should a student in grades 1-5 score below 50%, they will receive a “W” to indicate they are “working on standards below grade level.”

Students grade 6-12 can also receive a “P” for “Passing (to be used for specific courses designated by the Academic Unit.)”

What are they learning? They’re learning to be unreliable and privileged. And they are being lied to about their level of achievement.

The new policy also states that “Grades shall not be influenced by behavior or other nonacademic measures (e.g., late or missing assignments, attendance, participation, responsibility).”

After a backlash to the new grading policy, Clark County School District Superintendent Jesus Jara didn’t back down, but rather defended the policy, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

He’s obviously a true believer.

Jara said the policy promoted equity, which is the Marxist version of equality. It means all outcomes must be equal, regardless of commitment, effort, responsibility.

Students can also retake tests.

The new policy states that “Grades shall not be influenced by behavior or other nonacademic measures

Jara thinks it doesn’t lower standards.

It actually does and it teaches them all the wrong things. It’s not how the real world will treat them.

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