NY Firefighters Are Banned from Political Expression at Work


New York City has taken away firefighters’ right to voice their opinions about politics at work. Since firefighters tend to support Donald Trump, many suspect this is intended to silence Trump supporters.

Their horrible commissioner, Laura Kavanaugh, passed the new rule. Kavanaugh’s career began under Barack Obama and other Democrats.

“The department reminds all members during this time of heightened political debate, particularly in the lead-up to the November 2024 elections, to be mindful of engaging in conduct that creates division within our workplace,” says the internal order reviewed by The Post. “The workplace is generally not the appropriate place for political expression.”

The order did not define “political expression,” and FDNY officials refused to describe the policy’s parameters.

It was only March when the same commissioner hunted down firefighters who dared boo the vicious partisan attorney general Leticia James. Only Democrats have the right to speak.

“Once again, we’re seeing blatant overreach by the FDNY – overreach that is no doubt meant to silence supporters of the Republican party,” fumed City Councilwoman Joann Ariola (R-Queens), who chairs the fire and emergency management committee.

“We saw it with the Tish James fiasco back in March, and now, two days before the presidential debate, we saw it again. This city has a serious problem – we are letting violent [anti-Israel] protests slide while cracking down on free speech.”

Obama’s Marxist hand is everywhere. He doesn’t like the 1st Amendment either.

“Political expression” is purposely undefined.

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