DEI Trainer: US Flag “Symbolizes Hate and Extremism…Racism”


A famed DEI trainer claims the American flag symbolizes “hate” and “extremism.” According to MSN, “This statement has ignited a heated debate among educators and the broader community.”

How is it possible that this is open to debate? Between DEI and the US media, we have hit a new low.

Dr. Nancy Dome

The article states, “The discussion highlights the complex and often contentious nature of national symbols in contemporary society.”

“Complex and contentious” is not how we should describe the symbol of US freedom, but MSN did.

Dr. Nancy Dome stated in a publication called Past Chronicle that the American flag is a “constant reminder of oppression for black Americans.”

This claptrap is getting sickening. Too many victims and too few grownups. The soldiers of the Union army carried the US flag as they fought to end slavery. They died to end slavery.

Dome argues that it “symbolizes racism and prejudice, suggesting its removal from schools and workplaces. Her comments have fueled a broader debate on the role of national icons.”

She’s undermining freedom and real democracy, our Republic, and all our men and women before us have fought for.

Past Chronicle defines DEI:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are principles aimed at fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. DEI initiatives focus on recognizing and addressing systemic inequalities, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of background, have equal opportunities.

That’s fully incorrect. It destroys equal opportunities by pushing people ahead based on immutable characteristics and eliminating merit. The policy is nothing new. It’s an old failed policy of authoritarian nations.

She really should walk around waving the Hammer and Sickle flag.

Dome isn’t much for freedom.

“She believes that employees who do not support DEI initiatives should be dismissed, viewing them as detrimental to the educational environment.”

Of course, she does.

Her beliefs are about as far away from our country’s guiding principles as a communist country. Dome is making a lot of money spewing this anti-American, divisive nonsense.

Dome calls herself Doctor, an affectation for someone with an EdD. from Alliant International University. You can get into Alliant with a paltry 2.0 GPA. Their acceptance rate is 100%, making it a college mill.

DEI is also racist. If you go to her website, you might suspect she is racist. Are you sick of these anti-American radicals yet?

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