NY Times Article Calls for Trump Memes to Be Regulated


The left wing can’t do memes. They try, but they come out nasty. The right-wing is much better at it. It makes you wonder if that isn’t why they sentenced meme maker Douglas Mackey to prison for eight months. He was very funny and effective.

A NY Times article, Inside the Troll Army Waging Trump’s Online Campaign, claims an army of sinister, cruel trolls working for Donald Trump are spreading misinformation online.

“Much of the group, which refers to itself as Trump’s Online War Machine, operates anonymously, adopting the cartoonish aesthetic and unrelenting cruelty of internet trolls,” Ken Bensinger wrote for the Times.

He continued. “Cheered on by Mr. Trump, the group traffics freely in misinformation, artificial intelligence, and digital forgeries known as deepfakes. Its memes are riddled with racist stereotypes and demeaning tropes about L.G.B.T.Q. people and broad scatological humor.”

“Their most vulgar invectives are often aimed at women, particularly those seen as enemies of Mr. Trump.”

They’re jokes!

The New York Times is on the case of the meme makers, starting with C3PMeme.

The Times calls the jokesters a troll army, suggesting something sinister and dishonest. Satire is now deception to the left.

Bensinger was appalled that Donald Trump complimented the satirists and shared their memes.

Because jokes are unregulated, they consider them dangerous.

“It’s ominous,” said Saurav Ghosh, a former Federal Election Commission lawyer who now works at the Campaign Legal Center, a government watchdog nonprofit.”

They say Donald Trump is complicit. The author says the people who create the memes are members of “a shadow online ad agency” for Trump, although they are all volunteers.

The writer mentioned the DilleyMemeTeam. Here’s one of their memes:

They don’t look dangerous. They look funny. The Left doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, but this is ridiculous.

The author thinks it’s criminal for a presidential candidate to use humor to make a point.

The Left is criminalizing jokes and irony. They have a solution to cut it off. They want to regulate jokes as if they were TV campaign ads, regulated for “accuracy, fairness, and transparency.”

Bensinger suggested meme makers be treated as Super PACS and regulated as such with no coordination with Donald Trump.

They want to set it up so that Donald Trump can’t joke or communicate with anyone who does.

The Dilley Show, named in the article responded.

Ramble Rants was also mentioned in the article, and he doesn’t look dangerous either:

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
2 months ago

“Their most vulgar invectives are often aimed at women, particularly those seen as enemies of Mr. Trump.”

but the demographic group most hostile to Trump IS women !

Remember the million women march in pink p*ssy hats when Trump won in 2016 and Madona said she wanted to set bombs at the White house?

also the warden at the prison where Jan6ers are mistreated, can t remember her name but she is a female who has posted anti-Trump tweets

and all those attorney and judges, almost all of them females trying to destroy Trump

Judge Howell, Judge Chutkan, judge Sarah Wallis, Letita James, Fani Willis, AG Nessel…and this is the short list

It is not our fault if so many females chose to hate Trump ( because they chose to believe the lies of the Main Stream Media that can easily be debunked ) to the point of foaming at the mouth,

when we create memes about their irrational hatred of Trump, about their irrational behavior, those females have only themselves to blame.

2 months ago

Huge article in Politico about the firing of James Bennet, the editor who published Tom Cotton’s op ed. Insight into the thinking of double standards by the Marxist propogandists. “Get used to it”. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2023/12/14/james-bennet-nyt-firing-00131826

2 months ago

NYT is being run by immature morons who THINK they are smart.

2 months ago

Ah. The nyt. The bastion of free speech and balanced reporting. NOT! It’s only good for lining my litter box and bird cage. A total abomination.