NY Times disinformation portrays Trump as a Communist China puppet


A NY Times report based on anonymous sources was re-published by all major outlets. It says that in March, China took social media posts that claimed the president was about to issue a nationwide lockdown and exaggerated them.

That’s bad, but what is more concerning are the following excerpts which try to portray President Trump as a conspiracy theorist and a puppet of the Communist Chinese government. The NY Times consistently manipulates and lies to destroy the president. They are evil.

The Times writes:

Other rival powers might have been involved in the dissemination, too. And Americans with prominent online or news media platforms unknowingly helped amplify the messages. Misinformation has proliferated during the pandemic — in recent weeks, some pro-Trump news outlets have promoted anti-American conspiracy theories, including one that suggests the virus was created in a laboratory in the United States.

The link goes right to the very corrupt and hard-left Brock-Soros Media Matters and a story the president is not discussing.

The president is concerned, based on intelligence reports, that it was developed in a Wuhan lab. A February study in China by two Chinese researchers came to the conclusion it might have leaked from the lab — that’s the story and Media Matters is disinforming with their link to the North Carolina story.

The other concerning information is this:

Mr. Trump himself has shown little concern about China’s actions. He has consistently praised the handling of the pandemic by Chinese leaders — “Much respect!” he wrote on Twitter on March 27. Three days later, he dismissed worries over China’s use of disinformation when asked about it on Fox News.

“They do it and we do it and we call them different things,” he said. “Every country does it.”

Asked about the new accusations, the Chinese Foreign Ministry released a statement on Tuesday that said, “The relevant statements are complete nonsense and not worth refuting.” Zhao Lijian, a ministry spokesman, has separately rebutted persistent accusations by American officials that China has supplied bad information and exhibited a broader lack of transparency during the pandemic. “We urge the U.S. to stop political manipulation, get its own house in order and focus more on fighting the epidemic and boosting the economy,” Mr. Zhao said at a news conference on Friday.

Under the guise of accusing China of exaggerating, they are demonizing the president, trying to portray him as soft on China, which he is not. He had the guts to stand up to China as they demanded he allow travel from their country.

In addition, they quote China’s most vicious Goebbels-like propagandist Zhao Lijian as if he has even had a shred of credibility.


This appears to be a disinformation campaign against the president as they at the same time support China’s propaganda.

The left is portraying president Trump as soft on China and Biden as tough on China.

Biden said he would insist American researchers be allowed into Wuhan but Trump did that and the Chinese didn’t allow it. He is still demanding it, but they still won’t allow it.

The ads spreading this message are a complete lie, but Democrats don’t know they are being lied to by the dishonest media. Biden has long been a sellout to China and his son had sketchy deals in China while Biden was Vice President.


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Christian Gains
Christian Gains
3 years ago

WHEN EVER you read a NYT Article that uses an “ANONYMOUS” SOURCE, BE ASSURED it’s a TOTALLY FALSE story…OR, AT BEST, the NYT has, (ONCE AGAIN) be “USED” as a “DEEP STATE con”!!!

NEVER believe such a “SOURCE” in these days, ESPECIALLY if it’s with the ALREADY DEBUNKED NYT SLUT SHEET!!!

Bo Darville
Bo Darville
3 years ago

Accuse your enemy of what it is that you are doing. Sorry NYT slimes comrades but Alinsky works for us now.