NY Times Embraces Terrorist Iranian Regime After Telling Trump To Shut Up


The New York Times is currently in the business of spreading Iranian regime propaganda. They couldn’t have done better in their most recent article if a reporter from PressTV or Tasmin had written it. The tyrannical Mullahs are imprisoning hundreds, have killed about 21 so far, and are rampaging through homes, destroying property.

The regime wants the outside world to believe the protesters are violent and destructive. If they are, did the regime drive them to it? The New York Times won’t tell you so if true.

There is no reason to believe terrorist oppressors, but the NY Times apparently does.

Democrat Professor Mike McFaul rewrote the headline of a NY Times tweet which reads, Iranian authorities have clamped down on Tehran after demonstrators across the country ignored calls for calmIt summarizes the article quite well.

Does anyone really believe the Revolutionary Guards are “calm” and the protesters are the ones or only ones causing the problems? McFaul suggested a title change to,  “Iran’s brutal dictatorship yet again killed & arrested brave Iranian citizens demanding greater freedoms.”

McFaul is also right about that and their choice of words. The use of the word “authorities” in their piece is a carefully chosen euphemism for tyrants.

The Times’ pro-Iran propaganda piece begins:

Ignoring pleas for calm from President Hassan Rouhani, Iranian protesters took to the streets in several cities for the fifth day on Monday as pent-up economic and political frustrations boiled over in the broadest display of discontent in years.

The Iranian government responded with conciliatory words from Mr. Rouhani, but also a widening security clampdown — and a pledge late Monday to crack down even harder.

The government will not allow an “insecure situation to continue in Tehran,” Brig. Gen Esmaeil Kowsari, deputy chief of the main Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps base in Tehran, told the semiofficial ISNA news agency. “If this situation continues, the officials will definitely make some decisions and at that point this business will be finished.”

Despite Mr. Rouhani’s diplomatic language, it was clear the demonstrators would be given no leeway. The deputy interior minister, Hossein Zolfaghari, told the semiofficial Jamaran website, “From tonight the unrest will be controlled more seriously.”

They then go on to repeat Iranian reports of “rioters” acting badly, even causing the death of a child and a young man.

The NY Times wants people to believe Rouhani is a moderate though he never has been – his own son killed himself to get away from him – and they reported this:

Mr. Rouhani has urged demonstrators to avoid violence but defended their right to protest. He did so again on Monday on Twitter.

“People want to talk about economic problems, corruption and lack of transparency in the function of some of the organs and want the atmosphere to be more open,” he wrote. “The requests and demands of the people should be taken note of.”

The Times is also minimizing the complaints of the protesters, reducing it to some economic and political concerns, forgetting how oppressed the people are.

NY Times Tells Trump to shut up

Look by way of contrast how they treated the President this weekend. A title of their article read, “How Can Trump Help Iran’s Protesters? Be Quiet”.

The title alone fed right into the Iranian propaganda machine.

Then we see evidence of the usual Trump Derangement – Obama adoration syndromes further down in the article:

One reason to worry that Mr. Trump may try to seize the moment by championing the protesters is that it has become an article of faith among President Barack Obama’s critics that in 2009 he missed a golden opportunity to do just that, when many Iranians took to the streets after a disputed election result. But it was never clear what difference American rhetorical support would have made then, other than allowing the Iranian government to depict the protesters as American lackeys, giving the security services more of a pretext to crack down violently.

Even if Mr. Obama’s support might have somehow been helpful to the Iranian opposition…

They seem to have forgotten that Obama helped launch the Arab Spring with his speech in Cairo and he supported the Muslim Brotherhood, even insisting the Egyptians and Libyans allow the Muslim Brotherhood, a terror organization, to take part in their new governments. Hillary and Obama arranged to destroy Libya, causing more chaos and death.

It’s not Trump who should shut up, it’s the New York Times.

The New York Times sides with tyrants and hates our president. GOOD TO KNOW!

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Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
5 years ago

The New York Times giving advice to Pres. Trump??? HarHarHarHarHar, you’re kidding me aren’t you??