NY Times Op-Ed Tells Dems to Tell the Truth About Bidens Now


Democrats say it’s OK to talk about (tell the truth) about Joe Biden and his son. That’s more evidence they are getting ready to ditch Joe by 2024.

In an opinion piece in the New York Times titled, ” Democrats, It’s OK to Talk About Hunter Biden,” Frank Bruni writes:

If you travel in predominantly Democratic circles and want to have a really trying day, write or publicly say something unflattering but true about President Biden, a lament legible or audible beyond people who can be safely depended on to vote for him. Then brace for the furies.

Observe that it’s one thing — a noble, beautiful thing — for him to give steadfast support and unconditional love to his profoundly troubled son, but that it’s another for that son to attend a state dinner days after he had cut a deal with federal prosecutors on tax and gun charges. Many of your liberal acquaintances will shush and shame you: Speak no ill of Joe Biden! That’s an unaffordable luxury. You’re playing into his MAGA adversaries’ hands.

Note that Biden seems less physically peppy and verbally precise than in years past and suggest that it might be best, for him and for continued Democratic control of the White House, if he let Democrats choose a different 2024 nominee. You’ll be likened to an anchor for Fox News. You’ll be chided for age discrimination. Never mind that you’re examining his behavior, not the year on his birth certificate. You’re being counterproductive.

Then he admits they’ve been “creating outcomes, not chronicling events.”

“So the temptation, given the stakes, is to bathe whichever Democrat stands in the way of that in a beatific light, to sing that person’s praises as loudly and unflaggingly as vocal cords permit. That feels like the prudent response. It feels like the ethical one.

It’s neither, certainly not for those of us in the news media. It would put us in the business of creating outcomes, not chronicling events, which would be obvious to voters on top of being wrong…It would further erode our credibility, which has suffered plenty of erosion already. It would betray the fundamental purpose and real power of journalism.

Who is he kidding? that’s what they’ve been doing for the past decade.

Here is where he lies and says they do their best.

We do best as a profession — and all of us do best as a democracy and a society — when we hold everyone accountable, regardless of the special circumstances, and when we’re honest across the board. To act otherwise is to send the message that all is gamesmanship and that integrity is for suckers. That’s probably not how we defeat Trump. It’s more likely how he defeats us, long before and long after whatever happens in November 2024.

It’s OK now. You can trash Joe and Hunter. Something’s afoot. They can’t seriously be considering running Joe again.

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