NY Times puts out fake news promoting Iran’s good friend, Qatar


Qatari Women of the absolute monarchy that allows no dissent

The NY Times, known for its complex fake narratives, claims Qatar is the most diplomatic of nations that allegedly tries to keep everyone happy.

It’s not that they are secretly supporting the enemies of the United States and its ally-Israel.

Meanwhile, Qatar’s paper of record, Al Jazeera, is on a non-stop propaganda crusade against both nations.

The Times points to the here-and-there actions that go against their Iranian and Russian allies, giving them more weight than they merit.

The Times admits:

It does make them cross [Qatar’s alleged diplomacy and support of everyone]. American officials have been quietly furious about Qatar’s assistance to Iran and Syria, which includes substantial financial investments as well as votes against sanctions on Iran during Qatar’s tenure on the United Nations Security Council. The Americans are also angry about Qatar’s hefty financial aid to the militant Palestinian group Hamas after it won elections in 2006.

“Their relationship with us has been complex, bordering on one of animosity,” said a high-level State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity so as not to give offense, adding that Qatar’s support for Hamas had been a “very vexatious problem.”

Qatar is closely aligned with Iran and has funded arms to terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah.

What Qatar is in actuality is a sneaky enemy — don’t turn your back, but the Times paints them as the world’s mediators without an agenda. That’s like claiming an asp is your friend.

Khaled Meshal, the former leader of Hamas’ political bureau, owns a villa in Qatar, where he lives full-time. As his people — women and children used as shields — were and are engaged in a bloody conflict, he lived in a villa far away. He was considered an external leader, a world leader in exile as were quite a few of Hamas’ leaders who live in splendor and travel around five-star hotels. They didn’t live in Gaza.

Meshal handed over the reins to Ismail Haniyeh in 2017. Haniyeh lived in Gaza and now lives in Qatar also. [Updated the last sentence.]

Qatar is Club Med for terrorists. Meshal is one of many.

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