Gruesome! NY Times Story of 27-Year Old Aspiring Student Torn Apart Over Something She Didn’t Do


The 27-year old aspiring student, Farkhunda, tried to escape the mob after she was falsely accused of burning a Quran in a Muslim shrine. Two Afghan police officers made one attempt to save her and pulled her onto the roof of a low shed, above the crowd.

The angry men below pocked at her with poles and planks until she lost her grip and fell. Bloodied, she struggled to stand, holding her hands to her hair, horrified as they yanked off her hijab.

The kicked, stomped, hit her with sticks, and burned her petite frame. It reportedly went on for hours before she succumbed.

The killers posted clips on social media of her body, literally torn apart. She suffered and no one cared enough to stop it. Some watched and filmed the event. No one intervened, including the police.

This is a NY Times story from December 2015 and we use it to make a point. We need to “extremely” vet people coming into the country from these terror nations. Afghanistan isn’t even on the travel ban list.

The video can be viewed on this link. It’s too brutal to post here.

Within two days of the killing, the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs announced that Farkhunda had been innocent. Soon, she was transformed from a person into a cause. Video clips of her death were broadcast on Afghan television, prompting shame among many citizens.

Many men and women celebrated her life and mourned her death at her burial but we need to vet these people very carefully. The religion of peace is also the religion of horrific violent jihadists.

It can be viewed on this link or below. Please do not watch if you are under 18 years. It’s horrible.

New York Times- KABUL, Afghanistan — Farkhunda had one chance to escape the mob that wanted to kill her. Two Afghan police officers pulled her onto the roof of a low shed, above the angry crowd. But then the enraged men below her picked up poles and planks of wood, and hit at her until she lost her grip and tumbled down. Her face bloodied, she struggled to stand. Holding her hands to her hair, she looked horrified to find that her attackers had yanked off her black hijab as she fell. The mob closed in, kicking and jumping on her slight frame. The tormented final hours of Farkhunda Malikzada, a 27-year-old aspiring student of Islam who was accused of burning a Quran in a Muslim shrine, shocked Afghans across the country. That is because many of her killers filmed one another beating her and posted clips of her broken body on social media. Hundreds of other men watched, holding their phones aloft to try to get a glimpse of the violence, but never making a move to intervene. Those standing by included several police officers. #America #maga #democrat #blacklivesmatter #notmypresident #makeamericagreatagain #losangeles #heretostay #donalddrumpf #dumptrump #americawasnevergreat #cnn #foxnews #norway #lovetrumpshate #feminism #aca #ktla #fakenews #nevertrump #resist #fucktrump #newyork #obama #abc7eyewitness #obamacare #trump #dreamer #potus #deepstate

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Emmanuel Anthou
Emmanuel Anthou
6 years ago

Hive mentality on display for all to see.

6 years ago

They finished Farkhunda off by setting her body on fire beside a river only to find out one day later that a janitor lied on her. Agreed, this is exactly why we need vetting.