NYC Kicks Tourists Out of a Hotel for Illegal Migrants


As of last month, one in five Manhattan hotels housed illegal aliens. Now, we have them kicking tourists out of a hotel to house illegal aliens. Don’t people see this as crazy?

The people coming aren’t coming for the right reasons. They treat the accommodations with a serious lack of gratitude. They leave rooms a mess and worse.

Tourism is suffering, and people are losing their jobs. These hotels are making way more off these fake asylum seekers than they make with tourists. They are being forced to do it by the corrupt politicians.

Residents don’t want them. They are changing their way of life. They agree with the right-to-shelter laws as long as it’s not in their neighborhood. It makes New York City a magnet for every criminal and deadbeat in the world.

Strangely, the people who supported this couldn’t anticipate how this would turn out.

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