Right Wing Records Historic Wins in European Parliament


The right-wing parties in Europe are dominating European Union elections in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and other countries.

Parties that support mass deportations are winning record amounts of seats in the European Parliament. Perhaps they are also not keen on the economy, warmongering, EU overreach, and all that comes with the leftists.


What is truly remarkable is the Left in Europe pulled out all the stops to demonize and put down the Right. They censored, called them names, and limited their protests.

The right wing is leading in the European elections in Germany, Austria, France, Greece, The Netherlands, and other countries. The papers are calling the right-wing far-right or worse, but they are simply normal conservative nationalist (anti-massive illegal immigration) parties. It’s now far-right to want to keep one’s sovereignty.


Left-leaning parties lead as the right surges in Netherlands’ EU elections. Exit polls show a surge in support for populist Geert Wilders and his anti-immigration party after his victory in the national election last year.



Projections indicated that Germany’s ruling coalition was outdistanced by its opposition in Sunday’s vote for the EU parliament, coming in behind conservatives and right-wing Alternative for Germany.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s center-left Social Democrats (SPD) support came in at around 14%, down from their 2019 result of 15.8% and their worst result in decades, according to early forecasts for ZDF and ARD television, based on exit polls and partial counting.

The center-right main opposition, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU) are predicted to take first place with around 30%.

Right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) could be seen coming up in second place with some 16%. The ultra-conservative eurosceptic party has lobbied for cutting the deliveries of armaments to Ukraine as well as an end to the sanctions against Russia, calling for peace talks. Despite several scandals in the election run-up, their support has grown by almost 5% in the last five years.

The other members of Scholz’s “traffic light coalition,” the environmentalist Greens and the Free Democrats (FDP) are estimated to get around 12% and 5% respectively, marking a significant decrease in support from recent years.


French President Emmanuel Macron has dissolved the country’s National Assembly and called a snap general election. The exit polls suggest a disaster for Macron’s party.

Macron’s allies look certain to be roundly trounced by the right-wing National Rally (RN) party, which is associated with Marine Le Pen.

According to early projections on Sunday, National Rally, currently led by Jordan Bardella, took around a third of the vote; Macron’s alliance has polled at around 15%.

Explaining his decision, the president said he could not act as if “nothing happened,” admitting that the projected election result did not bode well for his government. Macron also warned about the apparent rise of nationalist forces, calling it a danger both to France and the EU as a whole.

“This is a serious, difficult decision, but above all it is an act of trust,” Macron stated, adding that he trusts “the French people to make the best choice for themselves and for future generations.”

“By according more than 30 percent of their votes to us, the French have delivered their verdict and marked the determination of our country to change the direction of the EU,” Bardella said in a victory speech from his campaign HQ, describing the projected result as “only the beginning.

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