NYC leaves its halcyon days behind as 49 shot in NYC in 72 hours


High-rent New York City with its fine restaurants, museums filled with historical art, and statues, and Broadway entertainment is now Big Apple Hell. In fact, it’s worse since even in the 1970s, we weren’t tearing down our artwork and replacing it with statues and monuments to commemorate the unimportant and truly bizarre.

Most of all, we are returning to the days of the progressive paradise of David Dinkins and worse.

We even have bodies floating in the river:

Just this past weekend, 49 people were shot in only 72 hours. That is five times more than the eight who were shot at this same time last year, reported the Washington Examiner.

Most were wounded but six died (the NY Post reports 14 died). That’s double last year’s number at this point in time.

There have been 1,087 shooting victims so far in 888 different incidents throughout the city since the year began, roughly double the crime observed in 2019. Last year at this time, there had been 577 shooting victims in 488 incidents in New York City.

There are gangsters shooting it up in broad daylight here.

About 76 were shot in a week.


Among those murdered was a man reportedly well-liked by everyone. He spent his days fixing peoples’ broken pipes and mending whatever he could. Mr. Paul Pinkney, 46, also loved a good beer. He went to the gun violence memorial in honor of 28-year-old DeShawn Reid because he cared. That’s where someone shot Mr. Pinkney twice in the head. Everyone liked him, he said ‘hello,’ to everyone. But it doesn’t matter. These criminals don’t care.

Mr. Pinkney

Another of those murdered was an off-duty corrections officer who worked at Rikers Island. John Jeff, 28. He had just left a party in Queens at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning when he was shot in the head and chest. Officer Jeff was shot several times.

He too was reportedly well-liked by everyone. His co-workers held him in high regard.

Neighbors heard multiple shots.

“I heard nine shots,” resident Raymond Leslie said. “You really don’t want to come out on these streets at night because it’s getting increasingly dangerous.”

Lots of sympathies, no action

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who won’t allow the police to police, is trying to tweet his way out of it, “This is a tragedy,” he wrote of Mr. Jeff.

“Chirlane and I are keeping this young man’s family, loved ones and brothers and sisters in @CorrectionNYC in our hearts today. An investigation into this cowardly attack is ongoing. If you have any information please contact the NYPD,” the mayor tweeted.

At the beginning of August, there were more shootings in New York City so far this year than in all of 2019, NYC scanner reported.


As a result of the death of George Floyd, communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, riding high on anti-police sentiment, defunded the police department by $1 billion and disbanded the plainclothes anti-crime unit. Hundreds of the most experienced police officers have put in their retirement papers.

Thousands of New Yorkers have begun moving from the city in recent weeks, citing the uptick in violence as well as coronavirus restrictions.

The city is still in lockdown, well past the time necessary to flatten any curve. Homeless and dangerous drug addicts are shooting up in elite areas and menacing the passersby as well as pooping in the streets.

It’s de Blasio’s fault and it’s the fault of all those people who didn’t vote.

NYC reached its expiration date

“We reached our New York expiration date,” one New York City mother recently told the New York Post. “Things weren’t heading in the right direction. What we’re seeing now isn’t at all surprising.”

Some moved out over the virus but they don’t want to come back.

Governor Cuomo is begging them to return. “I literally talk to people all day long who are now in their Hamptons house who also lived here, or in their Hudson Valley house or in their Connecticut weekend house, and I say, ‘You got to come back, when are you coming back?’” Cuomo said earlier this month. “‘We’ll go to dinner, I’ll buy you a drink, come over, I’ll cook.’”

A nice Italian meal, a little Cabernet, all sounds good, but facing poop in the streets, burglaries, getting murdered sounds worse.

Hasta la vista, baby.


This is a different city, but understand, the police are almost completely neutralized in Portland. It gives you a good sense of what it means to defund the police.

In this clip, an antifa runs to the police to report a crime that antifa provoked. But, alas, there are only two officers downtown so they can’t help her. That is what defunding the police means!


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