NYT Bureau Chief Shuts Down Prominent Iran Dissident


The New York Times’s Bureau Chief Farnaz Fassihi was overheard in a Clubhouse room on a hot mic instructing  a reporter named Leili to “Make sure Emma doesn’t interview the crazy Masih @AlinejadMasih.”

“This isn’t the first instance of her urging reporters and journalists to boycott Alinejad. It’s time for Fassihi to openly be addressed on her stance. Let’s call for transparency and accountability in journalism,” she said.

Iran has allegedly tried to assassinate Masih multiple times, which suggests her importance as a dissident.

lMasih Alinejad

Think about it. Fassihi is the New York Times UN Bureau Chief and chief Iran reporter. She told reporters not to interview a prominent Iranian dissident, who is so prominent that Iran wants to kill her.

The problem with the New York Times is they hired left-wing, DEI radicals, and now they are corrupt. They have Iran at their highest levels.

There is a lot more on this Bureau Chief:

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